Study Of Selfies Show That Women Tilt Their Heads More + Other Interesting Facts

My very own selfie! :-P

My very own selfie! :-P

You’ve done it before…had your phone in your hand, no one was around and you weren’t doing anything so you opened your camera app, switched to the front-facing option and snapped multiple photos of yourself. You then find the best one and upload it to one (or all) of your social network pages.

The “selfie” has been at the center of debate for months, mostly after the popularity of Instagram skyrocketed. We’ve been told that we had self-esteem issues if we took selfies, we’ve been told that if we participated in the phenomenon, we had serious issues…I mean selfies are a big deal these days! The word itself became Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year for 2013. The hashtag #selfie has been used on Instagram over 57 million times and the first recorded use of “selfie” was done by Instagram user @jennlee in 2011.

A recent project done by digital culture experts Lev Manovich and Daniel Goddemeyer called “Selfiecity” has produced some interesting facts about the trend. Check them out below:

  • 23.7 is the estimated median age of selfie takers
  • More women than men take selfies (except as and when they’re 30 or older)
  • The head tilt is the definitive head angle of our time
  • The average amount of head tilt in a selfie is 150 percent higher in men than women

Read more about their study here.

Source: Slate, Mashable


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