JessicaSimien.com Now Accepting Spring 2014 Internship Applications


Think you have what it takes to be a JessicaSimien.com intern? Well, here’s your chance! We’re so excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for Spring 2014 interns. JessicaSimien.com internships are currently unpaid, but can lead to permanent placement within our company. Additionally, interns will also occasionally receive perks such as free movie passes, free event access and gift cards. Interns will help with producing editorial content, planning and executing special events and promotions, and assisting with daily operations.

Below is a list of available positions:

Advertising: As an advertising intern, you will be responsible for helping develop advertising programs and sponsorship opportunities for our partners. You will also help to secure ad placements on our site. We are looking for at least one candidate that resides in Jackson, Mississippi.

PR/Event Planning: As a PR/Event Planning Intern, you will be responsible for helping develop and execute strategic PR plans, manage social media accounts, brainstorm event ideas and work on all aspects of event production. We are looking for candidates that reside in Jackson or Hattiesburg, Mississippi but exceptions may be made based on your relevant experience.

Editorial: As an Editorial Intern, you will be responsible for producing content for our site. The editorial department consists of several sections and you will be assigned to a section based on your interests and our needs. This position is virtual, therefore you may reside anywhere in the US.

Media: Our media interns are broken into groups (photography, graphic design and video) based on experience, and will help with producing audio and visual content for our site that could range from assisting Jessica at events to creating logos and event flyers. Applicants wishing to be considered for this position must reside in either Jackson or Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Here’s how our program works:
1. Complete the online application before the deadline – no exceptions will be made to this for any reasons.

2. If you are selected to move forward in the process, you will participate in a video interview.

3. If you are selected to move forward in the process after the phone interview, you will be notified via email and will need to complete your internship agreement and participate in an orientation session.

Important Information:
– Application deadline is Friday, December 27, 2014 at midnight (no exceptions).
– ALL interns are expected to participate in a weekly conference call.
– ALL interns must attend the orientation session before working with the company.
– The internship will begin on Monday, January 13, 2014 and end on Friday, April 18, 2014.

Complete the JessicaSimien.com Spring 2014 internship application by clicking here.

Past JessicaSimien.com Interns

Past JessicaSimien.com Interns

Check out what some of our past interns had to say about the program below!

“Being an editorial intern at JessicaSimien.com has taught me how to hone my writing abilities and write more efficiently as a journalist. I love the structure of the program and the demands because it is representative of the workload in the industry. I learned the value of expressing myself in a blog style medium, something I wasn’t accustomed to before accepting the position.” – Otisha Paige

“Jessica made it so easy to fall into routine and gave me advice on how to produce quality articles. She allowed creative freedom and I surely tapped in my creative side. I will say that balancing my assignments along with everything that I had going this semester was a bit of a challenge. I decided to play Superwoman and try to juggle a job, internship, my classes, AND pledging a sorority, but I survived. In the end, I have had the opportunity to grow into a  better writer and perfect my craft. Shout out to Jessica for allowing us the opportunity to tag along behind the scenes and making this experience one that I will always treasure! Who knew that so much work was put into running a blog!” – Breanna Hall

“Working for JessicaSimien.com has always been a blessing for me. I was able to build on my strengths and weaknesses as an intern and a business woman. There were opportunities for me to grow and that is what I liked the most about the internship. Being in a business like this requires you to be hands-on and creative, and through JessicaSimien.com I was able to do those things. I will always tell people that JessicaSimien.com was the start of my career!” – Arial Hoover

“This internship has been a great experience overall! It was my first internship so I didn’t know what to expect! I learned how to manage my time in order to meet the deadlines. The whole experience was via web, so solely communicating with my group members and other interns through Group Me and email was new experience. I enjoyed writing different articles and bonding with everyone through talking about our day to day life in the conference calls and just encouraging each other.” – Jade Williams

“My internship experience with JessicaSimien.com was amazing. I learned so much about myself, both good and bad. I learned that I need to work on balancing things in life, school and work. Just like any young student I have a problem with procrastination but also time management. JessicaSimien.com taught me to prioritize and to work on things in a timely manner while still putting out great work. I look forward to my future print journalism endeavors, going in improving the things I need to and taking with me all the vital information and tips I learned from Jessica and my co-interns.” – Lindsay Hayes

“My experience at JessicaSimien.com was amazing! It taught me so many things that I never could’ve learned in school. It gave me hands on experience in the field to prepare me for a job in Public Relations. I took many things away from the experience but most importantly, I learned about timeliness. I’m not the best as and when it comes to deadlines but working for Jessica, you better be able to meet every deadline or find another internship. It may sound harsh but the real world doesn’t pity you for missing a deadline. I also enjoyed teamwork, I’m not one that’s big on group work but the team I had was phenomenal. I know I did! I really enjoyed my time as an intern for JessicaSimien.com and cannot wait to work for/with her again!” – Anthony Henderson


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