Soulja Boy Threatens To Kill Chief Keef Through Social Media



Soulja Boy and Chief Keef were in the middle of a social media feud that escalated and eventually turned violent through Facebook (if that’s even possible).

The back and forth between the two rappers started after a member of Chief Keef’s camp, Ballout, snatched Soulja Boy’s chain and took to Twitter to joke about it. Ballout tweeted:

“N L.A. Pushin On N—-s Jus Too This N—a @souljaboy Chain Des N—-s Fak As S–t I B Takin S— #300shit”

Soulja Boy responded through Facebook with:

“AK-47 … in handy @ballout ! yo body go drop forreal n—-!!”

Lord, I can’t deal.

Soulja Boy continued the back and forth by posting several phone numbers, believed to be Chief Keef’s, telling people to “call Sosa and tell him I’m on my way.” Complex is reporting that according to Instagram, Soulja Boy was in Chicago as and when making the threats and Chief Keef was said to be in London.






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