Sorry, I Forgot To Laugh :: New York High School Students Reenact Chris Brown & Rihanna Fight As A Comedy Skit

Students from a high school in Waverly, New York thought it would be hilarious to reenact the domestic violence incident that occurred between Chris Brown and Rihanna at a pep rally. The guy was dressed in a fitted cap and pretended to beat the female student with an umbrella while she curled up on the floor. Their white bodies were painted with the color brown and they put on a show for their classmates who (judging from the photo) seemed to think it was hilarious too.

The skit was previously approved by school administration. Several students were offended by it while others thought that those who took offense were overreacting. It’s really discouraging that we’re even having this conversation to begin with in the year 2012.

First of all, I’m trying to understand why the school would approve this type of skit anyway. It’s obvious they were making fun of domestic violence, not trying to educate students about other ways to handle their anger. So, what was their point?

Secondly, why did they have to paint their skin? There are other ways to illustrate they were acting out Chris Brown and Rihanna. When white people paint their skin brown/black, it’s NEVER EVER to depict blacks in a positive light…it’s always done so in a manner to mock blacks. You really have no choice but to scratch your head and wonder what they were thinking.




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