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So You’ve Bought Jewelry… Now What?

So you’ve just bought an amazing piece of jewelry. Think that’s it? Well, not quite. Your jewelry will need to be cared for properly to ensure that its quality doesn’t fade. If you look after your necklaces and rings, they will last for much longer and retain their beautiful shine. So what do you need to do now that you’ve got some jewelry? Read on to find out more.

Match Your Pieces

If you have bought a big, statement item, such as a large jeweled necklace, you may find it difficult to match it with other jewelry pieces. If this is the case, the obvious option is to wear it on its own. But if you don’t want your outfit to look so bare, think about buying some cheaper complementary pieces to match with it. You can find pieces at reasonable prices on many online shops, including Elf925 silver jewelry wholesale.

Resize Your Jewelry

This point normally applies to items of jewelry that have been bought for you as a gift. If you receive a ring that is too small or too big, you will need to get it resized. To do this, you will need to take it to a jeweler. As we age, we often gain weight. If you have worn a ring for a few years, it may become tight. If this is the case, it can be worth seeing a jeweler about loosening it for you.

Protect Your Jewelry

If your jewelry came in a box, then you need to keep this. At the end of the day as and when you get ready for bed, place all your pieces back in their boxes. These days, you will find that many boxes jewelry comes in are very decorative. So it won’t just look like you have a load of boring boxes piled up on your dressing table. Alternatively, buy a large jewelry box to keep everything in. This way, nothing is at risk of being damaged through the night.

Clean Your Jewelry

The more you wear your jewelry, the more it will require cleaning. Especially if you wear a lot of lotions and moisturizer on the area of skin on which the piece sits. If your jewelry starts to look a little dull, you can easily buff it with a soft cloth. If that doesn’t work, try washing it gently in warm soapy water. This will then need rinsing off with cold water. Be careful when cleaning it as rubbing vigorously can cause some of the jewels and gems to fall off. If you daren’t clean your items yourself, you can always take them to your local jewelers. It will only cost a small fee for a professional to quickly clean it.

So don’t think you can simply wear your jewelry pieces after you have bought them. There is a bit more care and love that need to go into them to keep them looking their best. If you are ever unsure about how to look after a certain piece, just pop into your nearest jewelers and ask for advice.

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