So Ladies, How Y’all Feel About This?

Earlier this week, The Dream released his latest single featuring rapper, Pusha T, titled “Dope Bitch.” Yep, you read it right. I’m a little confused though because I used to have respect for The Dream as a producer and artist but I think maybe those too tight clothes he wears have somehow managed to squeeze his brain.

Before I go there (because I’m definitely going to go there) let me allow you an opportunity listen to the song; click here.

Ok, now that you’ve listened…what do you think? First off, I’m completely turned off by the title of the song and the song itself is rather, lackluster. Honestly I’m over rappers calling women bitches and meanwhile, we’re bopping to the beat. I have shamelessly moved a little (sometimes a lot) to popular songs that refer to women as bitches but now I’m starting to see (and feel) the consequences.

One of the main consequences is that this behavior has translated into “real” life. Men and boys alike are starting to refer to females as bitches. Don’t believe me? Monitor Twitter any given time of the day and just observe. I’d even go so far and suggest that music is influencing the lives of some in some very negative ways. I know adding some positive music to my playlist yesterday shifted my entire mood.

Anyway, my final take is #1 – I do not like the song and #2 – I don’t want to be referred to by a man as a bitch no matter how he tries to dress it up. It ain’t cool.

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