SMH :: The Ratchetness Continues, Memphitz Releases Trailer For The ‘Real Mistresses Of Atlanta’

Last night as and when I saw this, I was hoping that it was a dream, a joke, someones attempt to get a little attention…but no. The ratchetness is real.

This whole reality TV phenomenon has gotten out of control. Can a woman be so thirsty for attention…crave it so much that she signs up for a show promoting the fact that she is a proud mistress?

As much as I wish it wasn’t true, it is. SMH

The Real Mistresses of Atlanta trailer was released by Memphitz (husband of Lil Wayne’s baby mama, Toya) and is currently being shopped around to different networks in the hopes that one will pick it up.

So, the cast includes strippers and “video vixens” who happily flaunt their dirty laundry with no shame at all. Even though these women do not represent me, it is disheartening to the community of Black women who have to deal with stereotypes on a daily basis. It’s like we have to go the extra EXTRA mile to make sure people don’t think we’re cut from the same cloth as these hos. (Watch the trailer after the break.)

Sarah Oliver, a White booty model, discusses the ease of dating married men and even degrades black women and our vaginas. Memphitz, as a Black man married to a Black woman, how could you let this  slut woman talk about Black women that way? Then she allows the camera to see her getting booty shots! I can’t deal.

Maliah Michel

Well-known stripper (who’ll also be in Jackson this weekend) Maliah Michel is a member of the cast. I know of her through one of Drake’s songs and I’ve always thought she was too pretty to be a stripper but yeah, her appearance on this show changes my perception of her beauty. Anyway, she has dated married and single men and well, you can figure the rest out.

There is also a male cast member, Branden, who is supposedly dating a very prominent producer who is on the down low. Lawd! There’s a ton of things I want to say about this, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to try and narrow them down.

1. The whole concept is just…ratchet.

2.  As someone’s husband…isn’t it a little suspect or even weird that Memphitz would shop around a show about women who sleep with married men? Did he not discuss this with Toya? Or maybe she’s thinking about the money and doesn’t care.

3. I guess Memphitz wanted to extend his five minutes of fame after the rumors surrounding his involvement with Love & Hip Hop cast member, K. Michelle.

4. As much as I love a small dose of drama here or there, this is just downright ridiculous. I will not be watching this! The ONLY reason I covered it is because as a pop culture blogger, I have to put the news out there, regardless of if I plan to watch or participate in something.

5. In addition to Love & Hip Hop, this show is a BAD look for Atlanta.

Pray for the children who will come of age in this messed up society we live in.


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