SMH! Erica Mena Faked Her Pregnancy


In true publicity whore fashion, Erica Mena faked her pregnancy. Seriously…who does that? I said I was almost over her the last time I posted about her, but yeah…I’m officially over her now.

Apparently she didn’t watch Bey’s documentary because you should never joke about being pregnant. How childish and petty! Anyway, Erica recently posted photos of what looked like a pregnant belly with the caption “Auntie Ash”  and caused everyone to send her congrats. Well, it turns out that it was all fake. Pictures were later posted of Erica taking Patron shots and she doesn’t feel bad about spreading the rumor.

The reality television star tweeted:

“LMFAO! Assume and you make an A$$ out of yourself!”

Actually, it’s not assuming as and when you poke your stomach out and caption the photo the way she did. *rolls eyes* NEXT!

[Global Grind]




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