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She’s A Boss: Shaana Worlds Of Shaanah Montanna Productions

Our weekly “She’s A Boss” series is all about women in leadership positions. We feel that women are not celebrated enough for their amazing and one-of-a-kind accomplishments so we’re using our website to do just that.

This week I got an opportunity to catch up with 30-year-old modern-day Renaissance woman, Shaana Worlds, also known as Shaanah Montanna. Shaana is a Moss Point, Mississippi native currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee. She holds her B.A. from Tennessee State University and a M.Ed and Ed.S from Middle Tennessee State University.

Check out our interview below.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: I know you are a woman who wears many, many hats. Can you tell our readers exactly what all you’re involved in?
Shaana Worlds: So, I like to think of myself as the ultimate Renaissance woman. What I am fully involved in, in love with, and so happy about almost every day of my life is THE SHAANAH MONTANNA BRAND!

THE SHAANAH MONTANNA BRAND is a lifestyle brand that is twofold – one side is empowerment and the other side is fashion. We find ways to fuse them together. THE SHAANAH MONTANNA BRAND consists of SHAANAH MONTANNA Productions whose primary focus is empowerment, networking and entertainment in the form of various powerful events for the Nashville community and beyond. The second half of THE SHAANAH MONTANNA BRAND is the newly launched S & M Accessories, formerly Enticing Accessories. I am branching out to not only have women’s accessories, but in 2015 the brand will offer men & kids accessories, fitness apparel (my fave) and a few other surprises that will pop up throughout the year.


JESSICASIMIEN.COM: Are you currently full-time with any of your endeavors or do you work as well?
SW: I currently have a full time job in corporate America but my business endeavors are what I truly have as my 2nd full time job because they require me to put in the same amount of time, energy, space and passion, if not more at times, than my “9 – 5” job does. I am just blessed, so blessed to be a position where my schedule allows for me to successfully juggle them both and where I am in a financial position to fund my “2nd full time” job until it becomes my main and only job which is what I am planning to have in place in the next 2 years, if not before!

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: How do you balance your personal life and your professional life?
SW: There is really a very fine, I mean ultra thin line between my personal and professional life because I feel as if I am going to allow you into my space, you have to understand the kind of person I am. You have to know what my goals and desires are and that I am a 24 hour walking, work in progress towards getting there. So whether it is friends, family, coworkers, associates, or whoever, they have to understand that they cannot have all of me because while it’s all in love, I have a many different directions that I am being pulled in and I have to make sure that this thing I am passionate about remains very high on the totem pole and that I still make time for Shaana as well. Another way that I am able to balance my personal and professional life is by having a support system on both sides of it. The larger and more successful the brand becomes, it is harder to balance the two and in 2015 my plan is to have a permanent team in place to make sure that nothing falls in the cracks. Every successful entrepreneur I know has a team in place that makes the dream work and in order for me to keep this business afloat and going in the positive direction it is now, I know that a team is going to be a requirement for continued success and balance in my life overall.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: How did you become interested in entrepreneurship?
SW: I’ve always been a leader by nature so owning my own business is something that I was always interested in, but didn’t really know how to go about doing it. I was also driven towards entrepreneurship because I have a love for the finer things in life and I like that it allows me to be independent…not that I am one of those women who feels I don’t need help from anyone or need a man, but you know, I just want to know that I can truly stand on my own two feet and take care of myself at all times. Also anyone who knows me well, or really knows me at all, knows that I have a strong type A personality that likes to be in control of all things I’m dealing with so entrepreneurship has sort of been the inevitable because my will, personality, and just who I am as a person.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: Do you have any female bosses who inspire you?
SW: I am so extremely driven by Sophia Amoruso of the Nasty Gal empire and some may find it odd, but Zoe Saldana is a she-ro of mine. I’m inspired by Sophia because we are around the same age and she started her business with an idea, a work ethic, a passion and the tools and resources available to her and turned it into this banging ass empire. Anytime I’m working on a project or even on days as and when I feel like I can’t go on anymore (because I’m human) I think of all that she has accomplished in such a reasonable amount of time and it is a clear picture of what my reality could be and that the empire I am working on building is not some far-fetched dream, but it is definitely within reach if I am willing to go get it!

Zoe is a she-ro of mine not only because she is an amazing actress, but because she is appears to be an amazing person as well. I was watching an interview she did recently that I felt really spoke to me because she was talking about just having laser focus and being so in love with who she is as a person, that it was all she was willing to give her energy to and making herself better, every day, was always a priority. I loved the message that it sent because I’m a person that is all about self love and loving others the way that they need to be loved, because you can’t love everyone the same. So listening to her was confirmation that while there is a lane for everybody, I must remain focused on me and always love ME (flaws and all) and that if I am able to do just that I will have love to give to others and I will get that same energy back in return.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: What is the one piece of advice that you wish you would’ve gotten before launching your businesses?
SW: The one piece of advice I wish I would have gotten was start earlier! If someone had sat me down and said, “Shaana, think about all the things you are great at and passionate about and how you can make money off of those things” I think I would be so much closer to that millionaire goal I have in mind than I am now. Don’t get me wrong, I think my life experiences, the time I have invested in my professional career and education and the wisdom that comes with age has helped me to be a position where I can now make sound decisions and know, 1000% sure, that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and need to be. I don’t regret not getting that advice earlier at all! I just know had I gotten it earlier I would be a few more steps ahead in the game than where I am now.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: What’s in the future? Do you have any upcoming projects?
SW: The future…oh, how excited I am about it! In 2015 most of the staple events that I have will begin to be quarterly and I will also add speaking engagements to my repertoire. We will launch the first Brunch & Learn event in March 2015 and our first traveling pop up shop may be in Atlanta, Charlotte or Chicago…who knows, but I am so excited to be blessed with options! I will also host my first pop up store in the first quarter of 2015, so I am uber excited about that! Along with the production company and the accessories, we are continuously expanding, you can also look for more service events in the Nashville community and more partnering with other female brands on various projects to not only enhance our brands and presence, but to show that women are designed to empower one another and that is what the SHAANAH MONTANNA BRAND represents all day, every day!

To connect with Shaana, visit her on Instagram @shaanahmontannaproductions.

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