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She’s A Boss :: New Series Featuring Women Of Power And Influence

R&B singer Ne-Yo dedicated an entire song to female bosses. “Miss Independent” praised women who had their own thing going and inspired people to do great things in their lives as well. Like Ne-Yo, a growing number of Americans are embracing the role of women in top management positions.

Women work twice as hard only to receive a portion of the recognition in the work force. More and more women have been putting cracks in the glass ceiling by excelling in their career fields. We at would like to highlight female business owners of all backgrounds and races and all industries that have worked hard to become leaders in their fields. Our “She’s a Boss” feature will be dedicated to those women.

Starting February 1, 2014, you will be able to send in a story about YOUR female boss. To do so, email using “She’s a Boss” in the subject line. This woman does not have to be an entrepreneur, but she does need to be someone in a powerful position, making power moves for herself and those around her.

Follow and the hashtag #ShesABoss throughout February to hear about the paths these women took to get where they are today in their careers.


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