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She’s A Boss :: LSherie Dean Dishes On Being The “Underdog” And Gives Advice To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The “She’s A Boss” series is all about women in leadership positions. Women are not celebrated enough for their amazing and one-of-a-kind accomplishments. We’re using our platform to shine light on some very amazing and intelligent ladies working toward (and realizing) their dreams. Not only will you have an opportunity to learn about them, you will also get to learn from them as they share their business advice and pointers on how to maintain balance.

This week we got a chance to speak with the Founder/CEO of The LSherie Alert, LSherie Dean. Dean, 31, is a native of Tupelo, Mississippi and Peoria, Illinois. She attended Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi where she studied Business Administration. Dean was inspired to become a business owner after being encouraged by her family and friends.

Check out our chat with her below.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: Tell us a little about The LSherie Alert.
LSherie Dean: The LSherie Alert, LLC (TLSA) is a positive media site built on true networking and support for businesses and individuals. TLSA includes celebrity exclusives, features with every day people making powerful positive impacts on their communities, music spotlights by independent artists and a network of businesses and individuals sharing their passions. The main use of promotion and marketing of all things TLSA is through social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

All exclusives and features are all to empower, inspire, and motivate the world. I believe that constantly shining light on the good will overshadow the bad. People are tired of negativity. They want something good to pull from and that’s what offers.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: Why did you choose the industry that you’re in?
LS: What’s interesting is I don’t think I chose this industry, I think it chose me. Or better yet, I think it’s my purpose. Living in a richly talented community, I’ve witnessed so much disconnect. What I mean is, people not supporting one another or understanding the value of true networking. Plus, hearing so much negativity just simply irritated me. I wanted to do something different- share positive news, highlight people whether famous or not and then build a network of businesses and individuals to spread support of each other’s brand.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: What are three things that you’ve learned since establishing your business?
Since I launched, I’ve learned a lot about who I am and what I stand for. There have been times as and when I’ve had to turn down requests for interviews or even deny membership to a business because it did not in any way line up with my brand. And that’s exactly what it is…my brand. I’ve learned that stepping outside of what your brand reflects can damage the credibility of your brand.

I’ve learned to never give up. I’m an underdog. I don’t have thousands of Facebook “Likes” or millions of views, however I’m impacting many with every tweet, every post, every article released…I’m making a difference. It takes a lot of hard work to build any business and while I’m approaching year two, I’m sticking to my platform and digging deeper, but never giving up. Success will come. Another thing I’ve learned is not everyone will support you or your business. And that’s OK. You can’t satisfy everyone, but those you touch can very well be the ones to help you push your brand further.


JESSICASIMIEN.COM: What advice do you have for women who are thinking about starting the path of entrepreneurship?
This is a tedious journey. You have to be skilled in so many areas and understand that success…or whatever your definition of success may be…won’t happen overnight. Study your craft. Research what works and what doesn’t. Surround yourself with those smarter than you…cliché, but if you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, you will need guidance from someone who is an entrepreneur and who is successful at it. Finally, don’t lose faith in yourself. You have to believe that you can and you will make it happen.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: lastly, do you have any projects or events coming up that we can be on the lookout for?
The next TLSA NetSocial event will take place very soon. This event filled with food, beverages and live music will remain a quarterly event to promote the importance of networking and support. I have the pleasure of speaking to the student of Whitten Middle School and serve as a guest panelist for The Women’s Power Conference (FREE) at the Old Capitol Museum, 11 a.m. in downtown Jackson.

To stay in touch with LSherie, check her out online at, Twitter and Instagram @TheLSherie and you can like her Facebook page at

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