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She’s A Boss: Kimberly Chapman Of Sheen Magazine

My weekly “She’s A Boss” series is all about women in leadership positions. I truly believe that women are not celebrated enough for their amazing and one-of-a-kind accomplishments so I’m using my website to do just that.

This week I’m highlighting the lovely Kimberly Chapman. Mrs. Chapman hails from Greenville, South Carolina and in addition to being a wife and mother, she is the publisher of Sheen Magazine and a founder of The Chapman Foundation.

Chapman’s background as an entrepreneur is extensive. She started a manufacturing company with her husband where they’ve produced hair and beauty products for over 25 years. From that company birthed Sheen Magazine. In speaking with her, I discovered that she has an extremely humble and kind spirit and I truly enjoyed speaking with her.

Check out excerpts from our chat below.

How Sheen Magazine was started:

“One day as and when I decided to do it, I went in and I had my girlfriend…she’s a stylist here in Greenville, her name is Shelia Williams…and she came in, she made her daughter’s face up and did her hair. I took the pictures and it started from there. I took the pictures, did all the insides…it was about four pages in the book so that made it like eight pages and we just went from there. It has grown since then. People just come…what we can do, we do and what we can’t do, we don’t do and it has just grown.”

On obstacles she faced launching the magazine without a media background:

“You know, I don’t really worry about obstacles because I feel like if it’s for me, it’s gonna be for me. Whatever is not for me, it’s always going to be hard to deal with. So when I see that something is really really hard to deal with, then I think that maybe this isn’t the route that I need to go. Of course I had and have different things that I deal with but whatever you feel like is right for you and your life, that’s what you should pursue – regardless of what your educational background is.”

On selecting and managing her large team:

“So many people have talents that they want to share and maybe someone else won’t give them the opportunity. If they want to come and share their talents with us, we open our arms and whatever we can do with them we try to do.

When you first start, it’s like a baby. You don’t want to hand it off, you want to be right there in front of everybody telling them which way to go. As your companies grow, you want to be able to delegate and allow other people to also share their vision within your vision. I tell people that are employed by me that this is not about me, it’s about you too. I expect them to show me what they have. Show me your vision and we can put our visions together and make it work.”

How she balances her personal life and business life:

“I think it’s all just intertwined. I just go day to day. Earlier in my marriage, my husband always told me that even when we’re on vacation, we’re working too so I’ve always kept that in my head. It’s always work and it’s always a vacation.”

Advice for someone who wants to follow her footsteps:

“Don’t follow my footsteps! Just believe in what you’re doing, focus, keep a positive attitude and do what you believe is right. You’re always supposed to service people and if you service people and have a good, positive attitude everything just works.” 

To learn more about Mrs. Chapman, visit her websites here and here.

Know any female bosses that would be great for this series? Send their name, business and contact information to me by email at with “She’s A Boss” in the subject line.



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