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She’s A Boss :: JaVaughnae Malone Of Champagne & Cake

Our weekly “She’s A Boss” series is all about women in leadership positions. We feel that women are not celebrated enough for their amazing and one-of-a-kind accomplishments so we’re using our website to do just that.

JaVaughnae Malone is one of our biggest supporters and the boss over at Champagne and Cake, a blog dedicated to all things weddings. The 26-year-old Mobile, Ala. native is a journalism graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi and is currently pursuing her master’s degree online at Oklahoma State University.

How she got into entrepreneurship:

“My mom has a marketing franchise that she has run for 14 years and my grandfathers were also business owners, so I’ve grown up around it my entire life. I could never work a corporate job but my parents do want me to have that structure. I work with my mom’s print shop and marketing agency doing custom wedding invitations. Brides would come in and ask me about cakes and vendors and I decided to create an information hub for them.”

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What you will find on Champagne and Cake:

“There’s so much information to help brides with their wedding day. You’ll find wedding photography tips, tips for your makeup from professional makeup artists, information to assist you with selecting your wedding dress, florists and so much more.”

Female bosses who inspire her:

 “Definitely my mom. I’ve seen her build a firm from an empty building with a bucket to sit on to a huge operation with big printers and everything it needs. Also, I’m inspired by Oprah because no one believed in her and she was able to create her destiny.”

The biggest lesson she’s learned as an entrepreneur:

“Don’t doubt yourself. Not everybody is going to support what you’re doing but never give up because the right people will support you. No matter what people say or think, it isn’t about them – it’s about you and where you want to go.”

To connect with JaVaughnae, visit her online at



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