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She’s A Boss: HypeGirls’ Nichole “Nicky Jiggy” Dawkins

Nichole “Nicky Jiggy” Dawkins is a Miami based marketer and journalist. She graduated from Florida International University where she studied advertising and marketing before heading to Full Sail University where she studied entertainment and business.

Dawkins is the owner of HypeGirls, a place where women working in the entertainment industry can10830735_975595765803195_3289018595462194940_o visit for a healthy dose of empowerment and inspiration. In addition to HypeGirls, she also owns a publishing company where she manages music artist Amber Monique and handles music publishing and songwriting. She talked with us about what it’s like to be a boss and gave us the scoop on her upcoming projects. Check out excerpts from our chat below.

On how HypeGirls was born:

“I created it because I felt there were a lot of women in the industry who really didn’t understand the business side of it. The goal was just kind of to give them a place where they could have a platform to show their skills and also educate them on things like contracts, how to build your business credit, how to form an LLC, how to find good management and things like that.”

Why she decided to become an entrepreneur:

“Honestly, I’ve always disliked being under someone. Even from high school I was always doing my own thing, selling things on the side, so I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit. I like to create things, I like to start things and get them going and I like to build a following and get people into things that are new.

When I started building my own company, it really came because I felt like there was a need for it just from working in that industry. In entertainment there’s so many people that get stuck on being famous and they forget that the end goal is to make money out of what you’re doing so you don’t have to work a nine-to-five. That’s what really inspired me.”

Female entrepreneurs that have inspired her:

“One of my big inspirations is probably Tyra Banks, I know a lot of people think that she’s a little crazy but I’ve always liked that she kind of tries to make women feel good about themselves and I also like that she lives very simply. I feel like a lot of celebrities, they get rich and blow all of their money and don’t really help anybody and a lot of people don’t know that she’s actually very humble. Oprah is also another one that I admire. She’s done so much and she started so late in her life and was still able to kind of become who she is. Everybody knows who she is and she helps a lot of people as well. Any woman that creates a brand that makes other women feel good inspires me.”

On mistakes she’s made as a boss:

“I made so many mistakes…one of the mistakes I made in the beginning was working with the wrong people. When you start something and people want to get involved with it you get excited but had I better researched the people and took my time with it, that would’ve been a way to avoid a lot of problems. I also think that in the beginning I tried to do too many things at once instead of focusing on one thing and mastering it and then moving and growing gradually.”

Advice she has for aspiring entrepreneurs:

“I guess I would tell them not to go too big – start with one thing, get really good at it and then take the next step. That’s really the best advice I can give…just have a plan. Make a business plan, see if your ideas are something that can actually be profitable for you before you start it.”

For more information or to connect with Nicky, follow her on Instagram @nickyjiggy and visit HypeGirls online by clicking here.


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