Sheree Whitfield Loses Court Case Against Atlanta Blogger


Last week, we told you that former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Sheree Whitfield had filed restraining orders against three Atlanta bloggers. Basically, Sheree alleged that the bloggers were harassing her by coming on to her property. One of the bloggers, Tamara Tattles, let the tea spill on what went down in court.

On her blog, Tattles revealed the details of the court case:

“In court this afternoon, the judge heard both sides of the case. I explained that I went to Chateau Sheree and took some pictures on one occasion. I testified that I had never seen Sheree anywhere ever; nor had I ever attempted to contact her in any way. I also explained I was given permission by the men in physical control of the site to enter the property. I also mentioned that Sheree does not own said property.”

She continues with:

The judge ruled that there was nothing to support a stalking protective order. Her request was denied. Because Sheree claims to be in fear for her life he indicated that he was sure I would be willing to agree to stay away from her. Which of course, I was fine with as I have never been around her or had any contact with her in the first place.

There have been no comments made from Sheree’s team yet, but I’m interested in knowing how things will go with the other two bloggers since there is an actual video of them on her property.





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