Sheree Whitfield Gets Restraining Orders Against Three ATL Bloggers


I knew this one was coming,

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Sheree Whitfield has filed restraining orders against three  Atlanta bloggers: Tamara Tattles (www.tamaratattles.com), Quentin Latham (www.funkydineva.com) and Michelle Brown (www.straightfromthea.com). According to court documents, Sheree is alleging that these bloggers are harassing her by sneaking onto her property and taking photos and then posting them online without her permission.

The reason I knew that this would eventually happen is because I saw Funky Dineva’s video (featuring Michelle Brown) where he went to Sheree’s home, well the construction site of her home. Although the video was funny, I knew that once Sheree saw it she would have a fit. I probably would too.

Check out the video.

Each blogger has been order to stay away from her. Tamara cannot be within 500 yards while Quentin and Michelle must stay at least 200 yards away.


Who went too far, Sheree or the bloggers?



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