VH1’s Shekinah Jo Discusses Business Ventures + How Reality TV Has Impacted Her Life


Known by millions as the outspoken, fun to watch hair stylist from VH1’s “The Family Hustle,” Shekinah Jo Anderson is building her own brand and taking over the hair industry at the same time.

Shekinah Jo is a professional hair stylist and reality television personality that has worked with celebrities like Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Future, Karrueche Tran, Tamar Braxton, Monica and Toya Wright. I recently got a chance to chat with the Atlanta native and trust me, she is just as entertaining in “real life” as she is on your television screen.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: First, what made you decide to become involved in reality TV?
SHEKINAH JO: Actually, I never decided. Someone came to me and asked me to be on the show and I just said ok.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: And how has being on the show and gaining the attention of a lot of people over the nation, especially in the South, affected your career as a hair stylist?
SJ: I’m not sure (laughing), It’s kinda good and bad. It’s a blessing, people know you, but as and when it comes to the career, people get it twisted. Like, when you come get your hair done by me I’m not on TV at the time. I’m actually doing hair. So you know, you’ve got a lot of people that’s so excited and overwhelmed and they bring their whole family to the appointment you know, that’s just what comes out of it. It’s a big difference.

I mean, actually I lost a lot of clients when I got into TV life because I was doing this and doing that and I wasn’t able to be there for my clients that have been there for me forever, but they come back – praise God for that.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: What about it affecting your personal life? Is it kinda the same, some negatives, some positives?
SJ: You have to watch out for groupie men…men that just come around for the fame.


JESSICASIMIEN.COM: Oh yeah…gotta watch those groupies (laughing). So we know one of your signature phrases was “I work hard” during your time on VH1’s “The Family Hustle” with T.I. and Tiny. That’s when I became a fan, I loved watching you, you had me laughing all the time. I know in that moment you were caught up in the emotion of that particular time. You’ve since gone on to have t-shirts made. How has that movement been going?
SJ: I’m blessed. I’m honored that God had me say the words when I said them and I’m honored to have t-shirts made. I’m thankful for it, it’s a blessing.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: I remember watching you on the show when you came up with your idea for the hair dryer and so now you actually have a patent for that. Can we expect to see that coming out soon?
SJ: I’m praying it can be out within the next year – up and running and in stores. I mean, it’s just a lot to it. It’s not as easy as saying I came up with something and now I’m putting it into the universe. Nooooo. You have to go through so much paperwork, so much red line, so much this, so much that, so right now we are getting a mold made for the invention.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: Ok, well that’s some good progress! We notice you have a hair care product, Beautiful Edges, are you selling that in stores or is it exclusively online?
SJ: No, I’m praying to God that it gets in stores. I’m working right now to get it in stores but currently, it is online. I’m really praying it gets in stores because I want to go bigger than just online.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: Moving on, we follow you on social media, we know that you like to encourage people to love themselves and be comfortable with themselves. Do you have any advice for someone who is struggling with that right now?
SJ: I mean we all go in and out of that struggle throughout life. Whether you’re rich…poor, whatever it is, you always go through the struggle of going through things yourself. Sometimes you may have a man in your life and he might trigger you the wrong way and put a damper on your self-esteem. You might have a friend that talks to you crazy one day – that could put a damper on your self-esteem, I mean it’s all in life. You know what I’m saying?

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: Yes, so you would tell people just to…
SJ: Just to stay encouraged in God ’cause you will go through trials and tribulations no matter what. Try to love yourself. Yes, love God. Love yourself so you can love others.


JESSICASIMIEN.COM: You mentioned a man being in a person’s life. Are you currently dating or seeing anyone?
SJ: Not really, I have a friend but nothing serious.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: So what does a man need to have to be able to date Shekinah?
SJ: First he needs to love God. I’m serious, he needs to really love and fear God because if he loves God, he’ll fear Him and certain s**t he wouldn’t do anymore. It’ll be certain walks he couldn’t walk no more because he’ll have a conscious. You know, people who fear God…their conscious works on them. These men in Atlanta these days, it’s like the women…we’re so easy for them. It’s nothing for them to deal with you, me and her and yo sister if she allows it. You understand? I’m not saying that’s what I’m going through, I’m just giving you input on women and men in my city that I live in.

But hell, my Grandma told me my Grandaddy cheated on her their whole life and she was beautiful so you know…it’s a man thing (laughing).

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: Hmph, no comment, I ain’t even gonna go there! 
SJ: (laughing) I mean that’s the truth, men out here in the world feel like they can have they cake and they candy too. And women don’t make it no easier for them. We allow them to go do this and do that and come right back with open arms like they ain’t did s**t wrong.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: Yeah, so I guess that can go back to self-love too. A woman who loves herself wouldn’t allow men to do that to her.
SJ: Exactly.


JESSICASIMIEN.COM: Before we go, do you have any projects or anything coming up that you wanna do or that you’re planning to do? Anything we can look out for this year?
SJ: I’m planning on opening another beauty shop in Atlanta, but before I leave this earth I want ’em all over the world. If God allows it to happen, in His will.

You can follow Shekinah Jo on Twitter @ThatShekinah and on Instagram @thatshekinah. To purchase any “I Work Hard” apparel or her Beautiful Edges product, visit her website here.


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