Seriously, Stop Acting Like Karrueche Is So Different From You Or Your Friends

I know I’m a little behind the news cycle as far as Karrueche Tran‘s exclusive interview with Iyanla Vanzant but cut me some slack pretty please…I’ve been busy preparing for a big event! I finally watched it in its entirety and my feelings about it wasn’t what I thought they would be.

Initially I wasn’t going to watch her appearance or share any thoughts about it because I feel like we know the story already and not much is left to be said…but au contraire, there’s a lot to say about the story and it makes for good relationship talk.

Don’t get me wrong, Karrueche and Chris Brown’s relationship isn’t really any of our business but it has been played out in the media since they first got together. We’ve been there for every break-up, reconciliation, rumor and Instagram rant. So…yeah…I think we deserve to have an opinion.

Before I share mine, let’s look at what people had to say on Twitter. Some opinions were warranted…others, not so much.

I could go on with the tweets (because there were tons of them) but I’ll just share my overall opinion on the interview as well as the responses it generated – many of us have been or will be Karrueche. Seriously, stop pretending that she’s so different from you or one of your friends. One difference obviously is the fact that she dated a celebrity and became a celebrity. Other than that, I know lots of Karrueches. Hell, I’ve been Karrueche myself a time or two…or three…or four. You get my point.

There are no guides to relationships that tell you what to do in every situation and if there were any, I wouldn’t read them. Every relationship is different, no two people are the same in every way or would react the same in every situation so things happen…mistakes are made…people reconcile and they try their best to love the way they know how.

I haven’t been Karrueche’s biggest fan simply because I liked Chris and Rihanna as a couple better but I think she deserves a little slack and less judgement. She obviously loves Chris and as and when she’s tired or wants something different for herself, she’ll get that.

From my own experience, I’ve placed myself in situations that weren’t healthy and I didn’t look at the reality of things but I needed those experiences because they built my character, strength and resilience. You’ve probably been in a similar situation (or you’re in it now) and even if you haven’t, one of your friends, sisters, aunts, cousins or even your mom probably has.

My point is that even though every experience is fundamentally different, we all go through the same things. Don’t act brand new because yours isn’t part of an hour-long OWN network special.

What were your thoughts on the interview?

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