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Self-Taught MUA Nette Chambers Talks Eyebrow Faux Pas And Beauty Trends For The Fall

I got an opportunity to chat with Nette Chambers, a very funny and outspoken makeup artist from Jackson, Mississippi the other night and as much as I wish I could upload the video from our chat, I know she’d kill me! Read our interview about how she started doing makeup, what she thinks is one of the biggest makeup “crimes” and how you contact her for your makeup needs and questions.

JS: Before we talk about your company Touch of Colour, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  We already know you’re a Twitter celebrity, everybody knows you on Twitter…but for those who don’t know, those who don’t participate in relationship hour, tell us a little about yourself.

NC: OMG. Well, my name is Nette…we’re going to stick with Nette because my first name is very hard to pronounce. I’m a 2010 graduate of Tougaloo College, with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I’m 24-years-old and right now I work full-time for the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Basically I do makeup as a side job, but more so as a hobby to me because it’s something I love doing – I don’t even have to get paid for it. I just love doing it.

JS: Well you know what, I read in a book that as and when you find something and it’s your hobby and you love doing it, it’s something that you would do for free, then that’s definitely something you should pursue and seeing that you have this company, you’ve already started doing that. So, tell us how long you’ve been doing makeup.

NC: Honestly, I just started doing it as a business and with my company two years ago. I’ve been playing around with it for a while, really since I was little – maybe since I was eleven and twelve years old. You know how you are as a little girl, growing up watching your mom or your sister or aunt doing their makeup and you want to try it. That’s basically how it started. As I played around with it, I started noticing that I was good at it and could get used to doing it. I love YouTube, it’s a beast. That’s how I learned about different makeup artists, different designs, different techniques, different products. All of that. I started building my own products and I eventually got comfortable enough to where I could say, “hey you can start your own company.”

JS: So your company started in 2010…it’s pretty safe to say that you are self-taught.

NC: Yep. I actually wanted to go to school to learn cosmetology and more about makeup techniques, but I didn’t. It’s basically me sitting in front of the mirror, watching a video on YouTube, mimic a look and after awhile I started creating my own looks and taught myself.

JS: Well you’re really good at what you do, but I wanted to ask you something. We’re both really into social media and we see a lot of makeup crimes Nette! The one I see the most is eyebrows! Have you noticed that too?

NC: YES! (laughing) When I see the comments I often laugh but then I get quiet because I long time ago, I couldn’t do my eyebrows. I started out and thought I was just “on” with my eyebrows.

JS: So as a makeup artist, what tips can you give us to achieve that perfect brow look?

NC: First, don’t use anything black. That’s the biggest thing. Just because your eyebrow color may be black does not mean you should use a black product. There are many different techniques that go into getting the perfect look though and there are a lot of different ways to achieve that look. I can only speak on how I do mine. I use a dark brown eyebrow pencil and if for some reason I don’t have one, I would use a brown shadow believe it or not.

JS: I told someone today that I use eyeshadow to fill in my brows!

NC: Yes, I use that and an angled brush as well as concealer. Your concealer should always be two shades lighter than your actual skin tone.

JS: And don’t forget to blend it though, cause um…

NC: I was JUST about to say – being that you’re going to use a concealer that’s two shades lighter, you HAVE to blend. I can’t stress enough how serious blending is. Sometimes you can see conceal lines, especially when you take photos with a flash. BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! One thing I do, I take a picture of myself with the flash to self-check so that I can make sure I’ve blended good enough.

JS: Moving on to beauty trends…Colored lips were really big this summer. Do you think that the trend will carry on into the fall and winter?

NC: Yes I do, MAC actually has some great lip sticks that have darker tones more appropriate for the season.

JS: So, what’s next for Nette and Touch of Color?

NC: You know, I’m actually thinking about cosmetology school. You can never learn too much and as I revamp my business, I want to perfect my craft.

JS: Awesome, I’m really happy to hear that. How can we reach you and stay updated about your company?

NC: You can follow me on Twitter @MakeUpdotNETTE, look me up on Facebook under Nette Jenay Chambers or you can follow me on Instagram @_helloNETTiE!

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