Say NO To Negativity

If there is one thing that makes me run the other way, it’s being around a negative person.

I struggle with letting a person’s mood rub off on me so I always try to be around positive people who enjoy laughter, thought-provoking conversation and just good vibes period. Negativity drains me. It stresses me out and it will consume you if you let it. People who are always negative are usually unhappy about something in their own lives and instead of taking responsibility for the situation or dealing with it in a constructive way, they opt to take it out on those around them.  

Lately I’ve seen a countless number of social media posts across all the networks that I’m regularly active on of people who are just downright angry. People who do nothing but complain and concern themselves with the business and lives of others. I’m so over it! If you are one of those people, try to find something in your life that brings you happiness (there has to be something).

Find what makes you happy and try your best to multiply it. Create an abundance of happiness and positivity in your life and combat those negative vibes!


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