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She’s A Boss: Krystle Coleman Of Miami’s MidoriStar Media Group

Krystle Coleman is the Founder and CEO of MidoriStar Media Group, based in Miami, Florida. I became acquainted with Krystle and her company online after discussing working together on a PR workshop (because us PR girls stick together!) and after doing some background research into her business, I knew she’d be a great fit for She’s A Boss.

The 30-year-old entrepreneur and Detroit native attended Florida Memorial University where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Journalism. As a college student, she participated in several internships within the entertainment industry including Def Jam Records, The Pub Report and Slip ‘n Slide Records.

I recently had an opportunity to chat with her about her career and advice she’d lend to aspiring entrepreneurs. Check out excerpts from our chat below.

JESSICA SIMIEN: What specifically made you decide that you wanted to pursue entrepreneurship?
KRYSTLE COLEMAN: For me, to be perfectly honest, as and when I graduated from college I wanted to ideally work at a top PR firm and climb the ladder. I thought I was so fabulous because I’d interned at VIBE magazine, The Pub Report, Def Jam…I thought people would be coming after me! Obviously things didn’t pan out for me like that. I couldn’t afford Miami and I did not want to return back to Detroit so I moved to Atlanta and was hired part-time to work with Slip ‘n Slide, which was amazing.

This image that I had in my head of what I should be doing as a top PR student was not what I was actually doing. One day after two years of working corporately, I just quit. Freelancing was great but I wanted to go full thrust with it. I knew I wanted to launch an agency because I had a very well-versed background in music and entertainment PR. My agency really came about after knowing that corporate PR was not for me and that I wanted to work on a variety of diverse projects at one time.


JESSICA SIMIEN: Can you tell me a little about some of the people you represent?
KRYSTLE COLEMAN: Over the last seven years, as well as currently, I’ve worked with a number of NFL players – Bryant McKinnie, Erin Henderson, Ray Edwards – Carmelo Anthony, Trina, Rick Ross, Jagged Edge, Drew Sidora, Thomas Jones, Laz Alonso and just a ton of different reality and radio personalities. Sometimes larger PR firms will bring me on board to help with some of their clients as well.

JESSICA SIMIEN: How do you balance your life and career?
KRYSTLE COLEMAN: Um, I hate to sound cliche’ by saying “it’s a lifestyle” but realistically when you’re involved in something and there’s a certain capacity of results that have to be delivered on a day to day basis, that requires a need…pressure…a have to be situation. When you come into this industry you have to already delegate that you’re going to be working around the clock. I like to do it, it’s natural for me. Even though it’s 24 hours a day, it’s really gratifying to be able to craft things up and get people to cover it or be on board.

JESSICA SIMIEN: All entrepreneurs face challenges and as women, I believe we face unique challenges. What would you say have been some unique challenges you’ve faced as you’ve built your business?
KRYSTLE COLEMAN: There is no room for error – that has been a challenge for me mentally as I’ve hired other women and worked with other women in the field. I let them know that I don’t have room for error. As a woman you already have on a certain amount of armor that makes you feel like you have to prove yourself and it can be challenging to know that you can’t make mistakes and work around that.

JESSICA SIMIEN: So for those who want to become the next big publicist, what advice would you give them about entering the industry?
KRYSTLE COLEMAN: To be a sponge! PR is something that’s natural – it’s something that is built within you – so add to whatever skill you already have. Go to writing workshops, invest in what you want to make money off of, study mastheads of magazines so you can be familiar with the editors, have manners…you’d be surprised at how much those things help a business.


MidoriStar Media Group is currently running a Go Fund Me campaign for Krystle’s upcoming lifestyle brand, UncensoredPRGal. To support by making a donation, please click here. You can also like their Facebook page by clicking here or follow them on Instagram @midoristarmediagroup.

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