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She’s A Boss: Eboyne’ Jackson Of Divine Influence PR

Eboyne’ Jackson is a 32-year-old Waterbury, Connecticut native and the owner and head publicist at Divine Influence PR. She is the oldest of four siblings and a proud auntie to her niece, Leigha. After a long “She’s A Boss” hiatus here on my blog, I’m happy to finally bring it back with her.

We connected maybe a year or two ago as and when she pitched one of her clients for this very feature series and the rest is history! Check out my interview with her below.

JESSICA SIMIEN: What led you to pursue a career in the public relations industry?
EBOYNE’ JACKSON: Oh my goodness! Public Relations definitely came by chance for me. I attended Ne-yo’s 30th birthday party at the Tribeca Rooftop in New York with a producer who I was dating at the time, and I was supposed to just attend the party like all the other guests. But for some reason, I was so drawn to the press pool. I was so captivated by the media presence, getting contacts and of course, interviewing the celebs! That night I met everyone from Rihanna, to Neyo himself, to Janet Jackson, it was an EPIC night! I made a ton of invaluable connections that night, and it was definitely the spark that ignited my journalism and PR career.

JESSICA SIMIEN: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
EBOYNE’ JACKSON: I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit! Even as a young girl in third grade, I was writing books and selling them. I even started my own Best Friends Club and had a monthly newsletter. I was a natural hustler. (Laughs) So it was in my DNA to start my own business. I just love connecting people and most of all, I love the joy and gratifying feeling that comes from owning your own business. There’s nothing like it – financial freedom and the opportunity to do what you love, it’s a win all around.

JESSICA SIMIEN: Tell me a little about your company, the types of clients you take on and currently represent.
EBOYNE’ JACKSON: Divine Influence PR is a faith based boutique PR firm I started in 2011. We specialize in media relations, marketing and event planning; catering to emerging brands within the following industries: Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, and Lifestyle.

Left, Eboynè's Mom Lori Ellis, Kandi Burruss and Eboynè Jackson

Left, Eboynè’s Mom Lori Ellis, Kandi Burruss and Eboynè Jackson

At Divine Influence PR, we not only combine the greatest synergies and resources for clients to utilize in order to capture the attention of appropriate audiences, but also reinforce our clients to achieve the impossible with faith and a smile. Through placing an emphasis on each client’s God-given talent, along with strategic media and consumer outreach, we take a “unique” approach in communicating their clients’ messages.

I have worked on accounts for Fetty Wap, Ty Dolla $ign, T-Wayne, Lyfe Jennings and more. I also worked with accounts for Tokyo Stylez, and Marquette Collection by Ty’ron Perrin. I currently represent The Amours, MobSquad Nard, Cynthia Meadows, and Value of One.

JESSICA SIMIEN: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur? 
EBOYNE’ JACKSON: My experiences have been invaluable! Lesson #1: Know your value! Never let a potential client haggle your services or barter. PR is tedious work, and requires a lot of time and research. Time is money. If you have guaranteed results and great media relationships, it costs. Never let a client talk down your rate for any service of any kind. Many want the benefits of a good publicist but don’t want to pay. It’s expensive! We make a client look good, and that does not come easy, nor is it cheap! (Laughs) Lesson #2: Don’t catch feelings, catch flights! Know your value, and as long as you work with integrity, don’t sweat the small stuff. Business is business, and everyone, even the publicist, must eat. I’ve come to learn that people pay for what they want – what’s important to them. That’s how big brands stay in business, and it’s the very same for small businesses. If a consumer sees your value, then they will not try to short change you whatsoever. It’s just that simple.

“It’s OK to want to merge into other careers and achieve other goals. And most of all, it’s OK to sleep in and turn your phone off. Public relations is very demanding and at times, very stressful. You only get one life so why not enjoy it and pace yourself?”

JESSICA SIMIEN: How do you balance work and play?
EBOYNE’ JACKSON: This is something I am still trying to work on. Balance is a work in progress for me. I will admit that lately I have become a little bit better at it – God, family and time for yourself is key. If you don’t have a healthy balance, then you will ultimately end up resenting your career. I am learning that it’s OK to turn down some projects to avoid feeling overloaded or burnt out. It’s OK to want to merge into other careers and achieve other goals. And most of all, it’s OK to sleep in and turn your phone off. Public relations is very demanding and at times, very stressful. You only get one life so why not enjoy it and pace yourself? I am making some major changes in 2016 and finding more balance and maintaining peace and joy is a priority for me in this season.

JESSICA SIMIEN: Tell us about any upcoming projects or endeavors.
EBOYNE’ JACKSON: I am very excited about a new business venture I am embarking on, which will be unveiled very soon. It’s launching in 2017 and I thank God for His favor! I have an investor (all glory to God) and I am excited to move into this new space. Although I can’t release it just yet, know that it will be epic and very innovative, unlike any other brand you’ve ever seen! God has given me a clear vision for this.

I am working on the next Daughter of Zion Rebirth Conference. Daughter of Zion Rebirth is a faith-based ministry that strengthens and equips women through the Word of God and enhances their total well being through spiritual, cultural, and career development. I am excited to announce that this time, I am teaming up with S.W.O.P. (Sisters with Ordained Purpose), founded by Eboni Gordon, to connect women in ministry and women in business. It will be on October 22nd in Stamford Connecticut, so ladies save the date!

You can contact Eboyne’ and keep up with her brand on Instagram @divineinfluencepr and Twitter @QueenofMedia. You can also like her Facebook page by clicking here.

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