Rumor Alert :: Is Angela Stanton Really Phaedra Parks’ Former Flame? (DETAILS)


The plot thickens… I hope ya’ll are ready for this post because it’s FULL of tea!

Remember we told you that a woman by the name of Angela Stanton wrote a tell-all book about Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Phaedra Parks? Well, new court documents have surfaced adding a very interesting twist to the whole fiasco.

Long story short, Stanton’s book is about Phaedra being involved in her own criminal activities, way before her husband, Apollo, was arrested for fraud. Stanton, who is a former friend of Phaedra, ended up going to prison over the scam that Parks had orchestrated. Check out this video of Angela telling her side of the story. You should watch it, it’s juicy.

Phaedra filed a lawsuit against VIBE magazine for $30 million in damages, attorneys fees and a published retraction after they published the interview with Stanton. She also sued Stanton for defamation but here’s where things get interesting.

Now that the actual lawsuit is underway, Phaedra has gotten very hush hush about the whole situation. She’s refused to sit for a deposition to explain her involvement in the check cashing scam that sent Stanton and several others to prison.

According to court documents (read them here) Stanton’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Cody, believed that Parks and Stanton were a couple. The claim was taken by Stanton’s attorney, James Radford.

Radford asks Cody if he and Stanton continued a romantic relationship after they had a child together. Cody responded:

It’s crazy because I actually thought that   Angela and Phaedra had an — I thought they was together.

Radford then asks Cody if he means “like a girlfriend.”

Girlfriend. Yeah. And that was one of the reasons why me and Angela broke up.  Because they was like real close, like closer than close.

Cody goes on to say that. He also claims that the only reason Phaedra married Apollo was because they were involved in the crimes together.

I don’t know how ya’ll interpreted Stanton’s claim in the video but she spoke about Phaedra as if there was a little more than just a friendship going on. Stanton gives me the impression of a scorned lover and now everything makes a little more sense. I wonder how things will continue to play out.

Phaedra and Apollo are currently living separately since his latest fraud charges as he prepares for trial.

Source: Radar Online, Tamara Tattles

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