Rumor Alert :: Does T.I. Have A Secret Newborn?


Secret babies seem like the thing to do for celebrity men these days.

Atlanta rapper and TV personality, T.I., is the latest to get caught up in a secret newborn scandal. The 33-year-old married father of six (and counting) has been accused of fathering a child outside of his marriage to Tameka “Tiny” Harris. According to several reports, the couple was involved in an altercation on the Grammy Awards’ red carpet last week and now it is being reported that the altercation was because T.I. has secretly fathered a child.

Funky Dineva reports:

“First off, with the assistance of T.I. and The Family Hustle, T.I. has been able to completely change his image and public perception of his dope boy rap star past. A more wholesome image opened T.I. and The Harris Clan up to a slew of dollars provided by advertisers for his new found mass appeal. Overnight, this could all come crashing down if this “image” is shattered. Well, don’t let them cute high yella children on VH1 fool you. T.I. & Tiny are a far cry from Bill & Claire.

The truth of the matter is the crux of T.I. & Tiny’s recent issues stem from the baby T.I. has fathered outside of their marriage. Those closest to T.I. & Tiny are keeping it cute, but the Atlanta streets and big mouth members of T.I. & Tiny’s camp are talking. I’m told the baby is definitely less than a year old.”

If the Hustle Gang camp is trying to keep it a secret, we may never really know how true the allegations are! What are your thoughts?

Source: Funky Dineva

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