Roderick’s Open Discussion :: How Young Is TOO YOUNG To Be Married?

Last week, I found out that my little brother’s 20-year-old friend proposed to his 19-year-old girlfriend. My first reaction was started with the initials WTF but then I really began to think about the situation and came to realize that it’s really one of my pet peeves of young people. I asked myself an honest question, “What age is okay to get married?

If you know me personally, you know that I’m totally against getting married before the age of 50. LOL, No seriously, I think marriage is a good thing that, as and when approached by two adults willing to do everything and sacrifice to make it work, can turn into a beautiful thing. However, I also think that people unwittingly take marriage, like having children, way too lightly. These aren’t decisions to be formulated in a short time span, mainly because you are taking someone’s life into consideration and putting them above yourself.

Marriage, like having children, requires putting someone else first above all your needs.  So before you take that stroll down the aisle or decide you want to bring a little one into the world, stop and ask yourself – Are you REALLY ready to take a backseat to someone else?


Yes I said forever. Remember, marriage, like having children is a life altering event – and it definitely isn’t temporary. You must be happy with the choices you made because they last forever. And most people, including myself, unknowingly have a hard time grasping the concept of forever. It’s usually years down the line before you realize how permanent the decisions you made actually are.

With that being said, while I don’t think its necessarily a good choice to get married before you’re 25, I also recognize that I’m in no position to judge. Lots of young couples make it married. But also many more don’t.

I also want to put down the myth that you should have kids when you’re young so that you will be able to play and spend time with your child because if you wait too long – you’ll be too old. Take a look at your parents. Check out anyone you know in their late 30s and 40s. Are they on a walker? Do they have trouble moving? It’s all about how you take care of yourself as you age.

It is OKAY to wait until after you’re 25.

Travel the world. Live a little. Experience something new. Work on yourself before giving your life away to someone else forever. You only get one. Enjoy it.


How young do you think is too young to be married? Do you agree with the author?

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