Another Day, Another Blunt :: Rihanna’s Daily Weed Photos On Instagram

“Bad Gal RiRi” is not ashamed of her weed habit. Girl next door turned bad ass uploads a pic of her either rolling or smoking weed just about every other day. If she’s on Instagram, you can bet one of the weed photos are somewhere in her camera roll waiting to be uploaded.

I have nothing against Rihanna, I’m actually a fan, but somewhere I have to cross the line. Celebrity or not, uploading photos of yourself rolling blunts, smoking blunts, lighting blunts or anything else that deals with blunts is just not cool.

One of the things I love about Rihanna is her bravery. It’s not always easy to be true to yourself, especially as and when you live a high profile life. However, she’s so caught up in her rockstar lifestyle that she may not realize the negative impact these photos have on her image regardless of if she has the number one album in the country or not. I’m really beginning to think she’s selling herself to remain on top and becoming one of those celebrities who will do anything to stay in the headlines (i.e. Kim Kardashian). That’s just my opinion though.

I get that she’s this “bad girl” and is “unapologetic” and I love it, but I wish she had a little more class and common sense not to broadcast to the world that she’s a weed-head.

What are your thoughts? Is there anything wrong with Rihanna’s photos? Have they changed your perception of her?



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