Rihanna Celebrates 26th Birthday In Aspen


Photo credit: Instagram

One of our favorite rockstars is celebrating her birthday today!

Rihanna and friends are bringing in her 26th birthday with a cozy cabin getaway in Aspen. Rihanna gave a tour of her cabin, complete with a bowling alley and a beautiful staircase. She’s shared on Instagram some of the fun that they’ve had in the snow along with the indoor games they’ve played with each other.


Image credit: Instagram

Ri Ri deserves to let loose, she’s been working hard and has a ton of great accomplishments to celebrate.

I have to admit, I’ll be glad as and when I can live it up like this. My 26th birthday was no where near this glam…hell, I was lucky to get the hotel room I had LOL.

Happy Birthday Rihanna!

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