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RHOA: Pillow Talk Takes A Violent Turn (Video + Recap)

If you were like me, you probably were going back and forth between the Grammy Awards and the Real Housewives of Atlanta last night but honey, once the pillow talk party got started, I had to let the Grammys go and be OK with reading about it on the blogs!

Last night’s episode of RHOA definitely was one of the most explosive episodes I’ve ever seen from the franchise. It started off a little slow with Kenya going to the fertility doctor to check out her options for sperm donors. I don’t really dislike Kenya, but she seems very phony and opportunistic. Every word that comes out of her mouth seems like a lie.

Phaedra pulled Dwight back onto the scene by having him plan her son’s christening ceremony. Of course it was lavish and over the top. I mean come on, Dwight was behind it! As usual as and when they are on camera together, Apollo was bitching at Phaedra about every little thing. He doesn’t seem very happy at all. Speaking of Apollo, he turned all the way up at Nene’s pillow party!

I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t watched but there was a brawl at the end that will be continued on next week’s episode. Check it out up top!

Source: DDot Omen

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