Review [Movie]: Marvel’s The Avengers

I forgot to post that I got a chance to see The Avenger’s Tuesday (or Monday…can’t remember exactly) of last week. I enjoyed it, but I think people kind of hyped it up more than it deserved. I loved the characters and the special effects, it just wasn’t as good as I expected and anticipated it to be.

The box office seems to say different though. The movie has earned a reported $1 billion worldwide.

My favorite Avenger was Thor. IDK why, maybe because of the way he whipped his hammer/mallet or whatever you want to call it before he took off. My second favorite would probably be Iron Man.


Iron Man



You don’t really have to know any of the characters history to follow the movie, which in my opinion is a good thing. Make sure to stay after the credits roll for a special ending scene.

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