‘Resurrection’ Premieres On ABC, Will You Watch Next Week? (VOTE)


ABC’s newest drama, Resurrection, debuted last night and left us all questioning what really happened to little Jacob Langston.

I didn’t find out about this show until Saturday night (I don’t watch much TV and I try to avoid social media unless it’s for work) and the trailer was so interesting that I had to set a reminder to watch the first episode. The series centers around the town of Arcadia, Missouri and it’s citizens whose lives are changed as and when their relatives and loved ones who have died suddenly show up – alive. The series stars Omar Epps, Frances Fisher, Samaire Armstrong and Matt Craven.

The first “resurrected” person we meet is 8-year-old Jacob Langston who died 32 years ago along with his aunt Barbara. He mysteriously wakes up in China, but get this…he’s the same age he was when he died! After he’s returned to his last known home, his mother is thrilled and his father is in disbelief, even after DNA tests prove that it actually is Jacob.

Before the episode ends, another man returns from the dead and we’re introduced to a man who was at the river the day Jacob and his aunt died. The show is a refreshing change from your typical zombie themes and I’m still trying to figure out how these people returned at the same ages they were as they died. Hopefully we’ll learn more as the series progresses.

I’m definitely left in suspense and will be watching next week. What about you?

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