Results Of My 100 In A Year List (2013-2014)

I’m not at all happy with the results of my 2nd Annual 100 In A Year List project.

I was only able to complete 21 of 100 tasks and I halfway did about three or four others. Honestly, it felt like I’d accomplished more than what I did so that just goes to show that your mind can definitely play tricks on you as and when you’re “busy.”

For all the posts that I actually wrote about, you’ll find them linked below.

Check out my 3rd Annual list by clicking here and pray that I do a better job! Care to join me? Create your own list and tweet me about it @jessicasimien

Start date: November 12, 2013
End date: November 12, 2014


  1. Take a pole dancing fitness class [COMPLETED 01/06/2014]
  2. Complete a coloring book
  3. Go 24 hours without sending a text message
  4. Interview my grandmother about her life
  5. Take a romantic walk on the beach
  6. Bake someone a birthday cake
  7. Sit outside one morning and watch the sunrise
  8. Create a story using only photos
  9. Learn a magic trick
  10. Ride in a taxi
  11. Donate blood
  12. Learn how to juggle
  13. Carve my name into a tree
  14. Have a real picnic in the park – sandwiches, blankets, wine – the whole nine yards [COMPLETED 06/07/2014]
  15. Have a couples massage at the spa
  16. Visit a state I have never been to [COMPLETED 07/27/2014]
  17. Write a letter to myself to open in 5 years
  18. Host a game night
  19. Host a girls night
  20. Leave 50 inspirational notes on colorful post-its for people to find in random places
  21. Read my Bible at least once a day (141/365)
  22. Take my mom to lunch
  23. Take my dad to lunch
  24. Have dinner by candlelight
  25. Buy a stranger a meal
  26. Go to a shooting range
  27. Attend an NBA game
  28. Go ice skating
  29. Complete a photo album with a photo of every living relative I have
  30. Learn how to swim
  31. Write a book
  32. Volunteer [COMPLETED 02/06/2014]
  33. Go camping
  34. Go fishing
  35. Travel by airplane
  36. Interview a well-known celebrity  [COMPLETED 10/31/2014]
  37. Start a scholarship
  38. Fall deeply in love
  39. Lose 15 pounds (5/15)
  40. Join a club or association
  41. Learn to speak another language
  42. Read at least 12 books (12/12) [COMPLETED 09/13/2014]
  43. Start my own show
  44. Go on a blind date
  45. Try an oyster
  46. Eat at 10 restaurants I’ve never eaten at before (10/10) [COMPLETED 08/18/2014]
  47. Hire my first employee [COMPLETED 12/30/2013]
  48. Plant a garden [COMPLETED 05/11/2014]
  49. Start a new hobby
  50. Workout everyday for an entire week (0/7)
  51. Interview my dad for Father’s Day
  52. Interview my mom for Mother’s Day
  53. Go indoor rock climbing
  54. Visit an amusement park
  55. Audition for a TV show
  56. Become a mentor to someone [COMPLETED 01/2014]
  57. Go to a wine tasting event [COMPLETED 11/13/2013]
  58. Throw a surprise party for someone
  59. Buy someone a “just because” gift
  60. Be a guest speaker [COMPLETED 03/22/2014]
  61. Start a nonprofit organization
  62. Join a gym/health club [COMPLETED 02/28/2014]
  63. Learn a new recipe [COMPLETED 11/2014]
  64. Attend a gala
  65. Participate in marathon event
  66. Conquer a fear [COMPLETED 09/14/2014]
  67. Break a bad habit
  68. Save 10% of every check/payment I receive this year
  69. Take an art class
  70. Meditate once a day (2/365)
  71. Start a collection
  72. Learn how to correctly fold a fitted sheet
  73. Play mini-golf
  74. Sing karaoke
  75. Go on a swamp tour
  76. Fly a kite
  77. Visit a strip club [COMPLETED 01/04/2014]
  78. Create a painting
  79. Complete 4 DIY projects from my Pinterest boards (0/4)
  80. Create a scrapbook
  81. Watch a movie I’ve never seen before for each letter of the alphabet (9/26)
  82. Have a happiness project
  83. Become an early riser
  84. Donate children’s books to the local children’s hospital
  85. Write a short eBook
  86. Go on a romantic vacation
  87. Go on a girls trip
  88. Invest in the stock market
  89. Visit the zoo
  90. Have a past life regression
  91. Go to a St. Patrick’s Day Parade [COMPLETED 03/15/2014]
  92. Make another goofy video of myself dancing and actually upload it
  93. Participate in a YouTube video tag [COMPLETED 10/17/2014]
  94. Report from the red carpet
  95. Host an event in Atlanta
  96. Host an event in Dallas
  97. Host an event in Jackson [COMPLETED 01/24/2014]
  98. Have an article published in a major media outlet
  99. Hire one of my past interns [COMPLETED 12/30/2013]
  100. Light fireworks [COMPLETED 07/04/2014]

I’ll include some of these that I didn’t complete on my new list and hopefully I’ll do better this coming year!

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