Remembering Whitney :: Our Top 5 Whitney Houston Videos In Celebration Of Her Birthday


On what would have been Whitney Houston’s 50th birthday, we’re celebrating by counting down our favorite Whitney moments!

It would be entirely too hard of a task to rank our favorite Whitney songs, so we’ll just stick with our favorite videos. Check them out below!

5. “When You Believe” feat. Mariah Carey
When I used to try and sing this song, I always pretended to be Whitney. I just couldn’t hit Mariah’s high notes no matter how hard I tried. The video is a simple performance video and that’s all this powerful song needed.

4. “Heartbreak Hotel”
We love Whitney’s sass and attitude in this video…plus the song is dope.

3. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”
The color and energy in this video was EVERYTHING! We love it! Do you?

2. “I Will Always Love You”
What other artist can perform a music video sitting in a chair and have as much of an impact as Whitney did? No other explanation is needed for this video making our list.

1. “I’m Every Woman”
This is by far our favorite video by Whitney. Not only does she look like she’s having fun, she’s glowing with a beautiful baby bump. Her beauty and spirit just captures you and makes you feel all happy and fuzzy! Wouldn’t you agree? I remember watching this as a young girl and being slightly jealous that she didn’t hit me up to be in the video LOL.

What are your favorite Whitney Houston videos? Let us know below!


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