Getting My “Groove” Back :: Rediscovering Jessica

The 1998 film, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, starring Angela Bassett had so many women wanting to do the exact same. Although I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the film, Stella (played by Angela Bassett) ended up with a new romance which helped her get that “groove” she was searching for back in motion.

My case is a tad bit different. 

The fact that I am probably one of the most SELFLESS people you’ll ever meet is not a good thing, at least not for me. I’m sure others around me love it and a few have even taken advantage of it. It’s one of those traits of mine that developed little by little, so much so that it feels like I woke up one day and realized I was this person after years of being this way. I think that’s what drew me to my best friend because we share this characteristic.

Anyway, for about a month now I’ve been coming to the conclusion that I lost myself. The first few days I kind of beat myself up about it, trying to determine how I let it happen and then I started trying to remember what I used to be like. There is no one thing that caused me to lose myself, I think it was a combination of things – finances, career goals, finishing two degrees, my relationship, life not turning out the way I planned it and so on.

The most important part of all this is that I realize the need to turn this sinking ship around. I absolutely DO NOT want to get so caught up in life that I don’t nurture myself and put a portion of my energy into making sure I’m happy and all that other good stuff…the problem is I don’t really know where to start, I’m just taking it day by day.

I researched tips on how to rediscover yourself and here are some of the ones I found. Let’s see how this goes!

  • Think about what caused you to lose yourself – Once you figure out the source of the problem, it will be a little easier to reverse it.
  • Identify the missing parts – What exactly about yourself did you lose?
  • Establish goals to help you get back to yourself – For me, I decided to give myself a personal weight loss challenge to lose as much weight as I can before August. I used to be a very active person and over time, I just packed on the pounds.

Stay tuned for more posts about rediscovering yourself. I’ll be discussing this as I figure it all out.

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