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RECAP + VIDEO: ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Season 7, Episode 1

The season premiere of the Real Housewives of Atlanta aired Sunday night and the highlight of the episode was definitely Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage. Before we go into that though, let’s talk about the other memorable moments.

Kandi and Todd are settled in to their married life together and they’re preparing for Todd’s 18-year-old daughter Kaela to move from New York to live with them in Atlanta. It’s pretty clear that Kandi and Todd have different parenting styles and I believe this will be the main source of their drama (because every storyline has to have drama). The whole Mama Joyce being against their relationship is old and tired and I’m interested to see how they make their family work. I have faith in them and I agree with Todd in that children should “graduate” to certain things in life.

Cynthia is still being Cynthia and co-signing the opinion of whoever she is in the room with for that moment. I’m not here for her. I really didn’t pay much attention to Kenya’s brief segment so there isn’t much to say about her and as far as Porsha – homegirl is FINE! Her body is amazing and I just want her to give me one of her ass cheeks. Only one. Since NeNe is the Queen Bee, she opened the season up with her preparing for an event. Other than that, there isn’t much to say about her either.

All attention was on Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage as he prepares to be sentenced.

Phaedra and their sons were staying in an Augusta, Georgia hotel room while Apollo prepared for and attended his sentencing. Many people had opinions on this situation (including myself) and there seemed to be a great, obvious divide between those who think Phaedra was wrong and those who think she was right.

I’m one of the people who believe Phaedra was wrong for abandoning her husband during a time as and when he really needed her. In no way am I condoning his actions, because he was wrong for committing a crime, but I do believe that you’re in a marriage for better or worse AND Phaedra was aware of what he was doing. You can’t tell me otherwise. Apollo’s legal troubles are nothing new to us as viewers so you know they aren’t new to her.

I don’t think standing by someone makes you look dumb unless that person did something directly to you – like beat your ass (Rihanna and Chris Brown) or publicly made you look like a fool. Phaedra made Apollo’s situation about her and I’m not down with that. All Apollo wanted was to at least see and be around his family and if the kids were at the forefront of her decision like she said they were, then wouldn’t it make sense to give them all the time they can have with their dad before he goes away? She tried to blame it on paparazzi (girl…) and I just feel like she let him down as a wife. I know he let her down but you can’t be tit for tat. This isn’t a game, this is a marriage we’re talking about.

Also, it’s funny how she wanted to be mum about the incident but as soon as the Season 7 trailer dropped, she was doing every interview she could get booked for to talk about it. Something ain’t right and ya’ll know Phaedra ain’t nobody’s angel!

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