(RECAP) ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5, Episode 2: “Strangers”

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead opens up exactly where the season premiere left off last week. Morgan (the Black guy who saved Rick in Season 1) comes up on the sign warning people that Terminus wasn’t a sanctuary and that’s pretty much all we see of him the entire episode. The group is far ahead of him, trying to find a new place to call home and I don’t believe anyone realizes that Beth is missing. Of course Darryl knows, but I can’t recall anyone mentioning her.

As they walk along the road, they reach a stopping point so that everyone can rest for a little while and Rick takes the opportunity to ask Carol if she’d “have them.” Tyreese feels that everyone should know how much Carol sacrificed to keep everyone alive but he wants to leave out the fact that she shot Cray Cray (you know, the girl who killed her sister because she wanted her to turn into a zombie?). I think Tyreese feels that he owes Carol and at this point, he’s going to do whatever he has to do to stay with the group.

At this point in the episode, it’s clear that something is up with the red-haired guy (I think his name is Abraham) and the Latina. They seem to be anxious to get away from the group and they gave each other some serious nonverbal cues throughout the entire episode.


Out of nowhere, after Carol gives Rick her blessing, the group hears a man screaming for his life.

They run to the stranger’s rescue to find a zombie attempting to chomp off his foot. They kill the walkers and discover that the stranger’s name is Gabriel and he’s a preacher. Right off the bat I’m skeptical of his character and so is Rick. He claims that he’s never killed a walker because the Word of God is all the protection he needs and “The Lord abhors violence.” I totally get it, I believe in the protective power of God’s word…but still, there is a zombie apocalypse going on.

Right as the group finishes rescuing Gabriel, two men are shown watching them from afar. My guess was that they were the guys from Terminus…because Rick and his crew didn’t kill them. Huge mistake.

Gabriel leads them to his church and Rick’s suspicions continue to grow. I mean, I’m just trying to figure out he’s (Gabriel) so clean cut with such meticulously trimmed facial hair. So yeah, the guy is pretty suspicious. Gabriel explains that he’d been living in the church for months (dude, where’s your congregation?) and Rick decides it’s a good place for the group to stay, at least for the night.

Rick, Michonne, Sasha, Bob, Glen, Maggie and Tara (the girl who was kicking it with the Governor prior to the prison run-down) go into town with Gabriel to scavenge for food at a nearby food bank. I have to mention that Rick forced Gabriel to go. While at the food bank, the group ends of coming to Gabriel’s rescue again as he’s about to get his face chewed off by walkers wading in waist deep water. How did he get down there with them in the first place? Bob ends up getting attacked too but Sasha has his back and helps him as he smashes the walker’s head in.

The group ends up finding food and heading back to Gabriel’s church were Rick sees that someone had tried to get inside and were not allowed in. The words “You’ll burn for this” were carved into the church’s structure. Abraham makes a toast during their candlelit dinner and declares that he still intends to head to D.C. with the doctor and save the world from the zombie apocalypse. I wish someone would’ve told him that there is no cure but everyone seemed OK with the idea.

Bob makes his way outside and looks a little sick, my guess is that he was bitten by the walker that attacked him in the water and didn’t mention it to anyone. He probably was headed outside to kill himself but right as and when he gets emotional, he simultaneously gets whacked in the head by a mystery figure. At first I thought it may have been Morgan, but then I thought back to the two men that watched Rick rescue Gabriel.

The episode ends with Gareth sitting in front of Bob as he’s tied to a post with a campfire going in the background. Gareth is eating something and to everyone’s surprise, it was Bob’s leg! Gross!

Talk about a shocking ending! I’m looking forward to next week’s episode…hopefully Darryl and Carol save Bob. What were your thoughts on the episode? Share in our comment section!

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