Recap: Black Twitter and $200 Dates

In case you didn’t know, even Twitter is segregated. The community of Black Twitter users is known as “Black Twitter” where pointless arguments, crazy statements and stereotypical trending topics are the norm.

According to a study done by Edison Research, Black people make up approximately 25% (and counting) of the entire Twitter community, yet some wonder if our social media presence is doing more harm to our image (and minds) than it is doing good. You see Black Twitter loves to create trending topics (the most newsworthy or talked about things on Twitter in a given day or during a particular time).

According to the Edison Research study, “many of the trending topics on Twitter on a typical day are reflective of African-American culture, memes and topics.”

The Black Twitter mood and topics have been shifting to a more and more ignorant vibe as time goes on. So much so that many people have discussed deleting their Twitter accounts and most recently, journalist Dream Hampton did just that after Beyonce’ “stans” virtually attacked her and made horrible comments about her daughter.

Last night, I came in on the butt end of a trending topic about $200 dates that seemed to really come out of nowhere (at least that was the sentiment of many people on my timeline). I decided to look into a little more and found that there is actually a website that tracks the history of trending topics and all the tweets that are attached to them. Yes…Twitter can trace back to anything.

The overall consensus was that $200 was too much money to spend on a date. Is that really even worth an ongoing conversation?

I know that some people only participated to get a laugh or two, but some were really serious and felt like they had to voice their own opinions about it.

I decided to just read and observe. I personally don’t care about how much money is spent on a date.


Did you participate in the discussion? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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