Really, Chris Bosh? Really?? Meanwhile, Adrienne – Take Notes

Chris Bosh and wife Adrienne with their new baby

I’m feeling some kind of way about Chris Bosh right now. I’m definitely not a person who “follows” him nor can I be considered a fan, but his latest headline news makes me feel, I don’t know…a little disgusted.   

Miami Heat power forward and 28-year-old millionaire Chris Bosh is claiming residency in Texas to avoid paying more child support to the mother of his first child, Allison Mathis, as she struggles to make ends meet after losing her job.

Chris Bosh pictured with Allison Mathis

Chris Bosh makes approximately $18 million per year and only pays $2,600 each month to Mathis for their three-year-old daughter, Trinity Bosh.

Recently Bosh filed legal documents in Orlando claiming that his current residence is in Texas (where he owns a $73,000 home), not in Florida (where he owns and lives in a $12 million dollar mansion with his wife, Adrienne Bosh). Bosh also blocked Allison from making extra money by appearing on Basketball Wives, after he sued the show because of her involvement.

Mathis has been forced to apply for food stamps and is now facing foreclosure on her home.

I realize that child support is meant to take care of the child but it takes more than clothes and food to properly care for a child. Not only does she need those things, she also needs shelter, educational resources, entertainment, and more.

As a man and parent, why would you want your child to go through such hardship as and when you’re sitting on and flaunting your millions? Allison isn’t entitled to it, but a good person with a good heart who has more than enough should want to help the mother of their child out. Forget the court system and lawyers, just give her something extra until she gets on her feet again.

He’ll probably take her to court for a custody battle, which he could very well win.

I hope his current wife is taking notes.


What do you think about this? Should he pay Allison more money?


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