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‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Season 6, Episode 19 (Video + Recap)

Seriously, Bravo is going to stretch Season 6 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta for as long as they can. With the type of drama that goes down each week, these ladies will be on our television screens for longer than some people would like. But enough of that, let’s get down to the highlights of this week’s episode.

The show continues with the Mexico trip put together by the messiest of all the cast members – we’re talking about Kenya Moore of course! After Phaedra walks in on Kenya and Apollo in the middle of their conversation from the last episode, you can clearly see the disgust on Phaedra’s face and all in her body language. The drama continues as and when they all get together for a question and answer session similar to the one at Nene’s pillow talk.

After dismissing the guys, Kenya asks the ladies to hash out any drama they have with one another before heading back to Atlanta. This is one of her many attempts at stirring the mess pot (and it worked) to remain a member of the show. You know, some people will get down and dirty for a check. She addressed Phaedra but in a very disrespectful way to her marriage. Here’s my take on it all.

Regardless of what Kenya thinks or claims to know about the marriage between Phaedra and Apollo, it is not her business or her place to speak to Phaedra in the way that she did. In fact, it’s not anyone’s place to do that. Kenya is almost trying to tell Phaedra about her own damn husband and that’s something you just don’t do! I can tell that Phaedra is trying her best not to pop off but if Kenya keeps pushing then who knows what will happen. I think that Phaedra should definitely direct more of her anger at Apollo and stop bailing him out and putting it all on Kenya, but Kenya deserves the way Phaedra speaks to her about the situation too. It’s just too much.

Meanwhile, Gregg gets buck with Peter inside one of the suites because of the way he handled NeNe at Kenya’s charity ball. The ladies walk in on it and NeNe just flat out tells Peter everything we said about him speaking with Kordell. Although NeNe didn’t have to flat out call him out of his name, home girl does have a point!

Check out the episode up top and let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

Video via SFTA

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