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WATCH: ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Season 6, Episode 17 (RECAP)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta continue to entertain us with their never ending drama. Before we talk about all the bitchassness Peter Thomas displayed in this episode, let’s start with the beginning of the show.

I like Cynthia a little less with every episode. She enjoys stirring up s–t, but as and when it’s time to deal with it she cowers. While she was out shopping with Nene, she was so afraid to check Nene about her behavior at the Bailey Bowl that she beat around the bush about Marlo showing up. Then she allowed Nene to shut her down in front of all those store associates. No ma’am!

If I recall correctly, Nene started with the foolishness long before Marlo even showed up. When her team didn’t win the egg relay, she tried to get buck with Derek J and Funky Dineva. She came to the event just like she comes to every other event, with a stank attitude like she’s better than everyone and she wants and needs to be seen. Nene is beside herself this season and it doesn’t look good on her. Meanwhile, Kenya and Marlo have a “heart to heart” about the whole incident and I just want Marlo to go on and get her peach so she can be a part of the cast. You can’t deny that she brings the entertainment and matching her with Kenya will make for some juicy TV…mostly because at some point you know they’re going to fall out too.


Now let’s talk about Peter.

Peter apparently has never heard of the phrase “say no to bitchassness” because he did the exact opposite when he took his nosy ass over to Kordell’s house to stir up some mess, just like his wife. Instead of worrying about his finances and the fact that he and Cynthia stays arguing with each other, he wants to pick Kordell for information about Porsha. He should have learned his lesson when Kandi went ape s–t on him, Cynthia and Mal at the pillow talk party but I guess he didn’t have enough.

Porsha doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone about her marriage and I really don’t like the fact that she was put in that position. Kordell comes off very abrasive every time he has been filmed and I’m sure Porsha was hurt by all his antics, despite what she knew or did not know about his separate lifestyle.

THEN, in true bitch fashion, Peter decides to go to Twitter to defend his questioning Kordell about what happened with the divorce.


The men don’t need a voice on RHOA because the show isn’t about them! I’m beginning to think Peter wants a peach too, LOL. Anyway, check out the full episode up top and let me know what you think in the comments section.

Video via DDot Omen

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