Rahkua Hosts Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Vday Giveaway ad

R&B singer/model Rahkua is hosting a Valentine’s Day giveaway!

Entry Information:

  • Send your BEST “roses are red/violets are blue” poem to iHEARTrahkua@gmail.com with “VDay Giveaway” in the subject line.
  • The best 3 writers will be entered in a raffle for random selection.
  • Repost the attached giveaway flyer to social media (IG/FB/Twitter) to increase your chances (1 extra name entry for each site you repost on) and tag me.
  • Entries will be accepted for VDay weekend up until Sunday, 2/16/14 2pm PST.
  • Winner will be announced via mailing list and social media on Monday 2/17/14.
  • Winner will receive VDay poster (Sidney Conley Photography) and their picture/poem will be featured on www.rahkua.com as well as my artist page on Facebook: Rahkua.

Congratulations to Cortland Garner, the winner of the contest. Here’s his winning entry:

“Roses are red, violets are blue…such a cliche beginning, but some cliche beginnings have extraordinary endings. Just as we started, boy meets girl, falls in love, typical story. We fussed, fought, made love…it’s a typical story. But the twist comes in not how it happened, but who it happens with. You, a benevolent goddess of beauty whom I’m obsessed with. Body ignites a fire within me that I can’t cope with, but I love it. I feel alive and dead again, back and forth, because you’re my heart, and as and when you’re gone I’m dead. No breath, no blood flow..I want more, need more, can’t let you go, never, no. Roses are Red, violets are blue. Our story sounds cliche, but it’s more amazing than any other love story, to date.”

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