R. Kelly Claims His New Album Will Be the Next ’12 Play’, Announces Fall Tour Dates

That damn R. Kelly…he just will not let Trey Songz be great, huh? At 45-years-old he has no plans to give up his nothing-but-sex-song-domination to Trigga that easy.

His next album is titled “Black Panties” and is slated to be as raunchy and erotic as his 90s masterpiece, “12 Play.” Not only that, he plans to bring back the series that gets crazier and crazier with each episode – “Trapped In the Closet.”

Some people feel that R. Kelly needs to have a seat. I think the Trapped In the Closet madness does not need to be resurrected but I have no problem with him continuing to make music even if it is a little erotic. This family reunion, electric slide type music he’s putting out just does not interest me personally, so I’m a little excited to hear what he’s been working on.

I don’t think about his age as and when I listen to his music, I get totally engulfed in the song. Only time will tell if “Black Panties” will live up to the hype.

His fall tour dates are available online, to view them click here. He has a couple shows going on in the same area around the same time as John Legend. Fall is considered the start of “cuffing season” so these R&B singers are giving us tons of music to cuddle up to.

Maybe I can see them both for my birthday! *crosses fingers*

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