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Protective Styling For Natural Hair

I’ve been natural for almost three years and protective styling is not something that I do often. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf with how I manage my hair and part of my plan is to implement more protective styling into my routine. Before I share some of the styles I found and plan to try, let’s discuss what protective styling actually is.

In short, protective styling is styling the hair in a way that prevents damage from everyday elements. African American hair is very fragile and can be easily damaged. The wind, sun, snow and even our clothing and scarves can damage our hair. Protective styling helps with that. Protective styles are styles in which your hair is not loose. Your ends are typically sealed and/or tucked away.

Here are a few styles to try.


Mini Twists
I’m currently wearing mini twists and so far I’m enjoying that it doesn’t take as long for me to style my hair in the mornings. My hair is very uneven and some places are thinner than others, so it’s not a style I plan to wear down like some naturals do. I will have to keep mine in updos or curly. YouTube user Naptural85 is well known for her mini twists and has several styling option tutorials on her channel.
Mini Twist video tutorials:
How To Mini Twists Tutorial “Natural Hair”
Soft Voluminous Curls | Easy Mini Twist Hairstyle “Natural Hair”
Natural Hair | Mini Twists Pin Up


Goddess Braid (also referred to as Milkmaid Braid or Halo Braid)
The Goddess Braid is a sophisticated style that can be worn for all types of occasions. I like this style because it’s feminine and looks youthful. I’m not the best braider so I always do this style with a twist rather than the braid.
Goddess Braid video tutorials:
Natural Hair Style: Goddess Braid
Natural Hair: Easy Milkmaid Twists


Box Braids
I haven’t worn this style in years and years, but I’m seriously considering trying this out for the summer. I don’t know how my hair will look since it is colored on the ends, but this style is clearly easy to manage and will give my hair a much needed manipulation break.
Box Braids video tutorials:
Box Braids Tutorial – How To Braid Your Own Hair
Box Braid Tutorial

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