Product Review: It Works Body Wraps

Last week, I shared that has extended our brand to include products from The Instant Beauty Pro. Among other things, TIBP is a distributor of It Works products ranging from hair, skin and nail supplements to their famous body wraps. I decided to put their products to the test after seeing so much hype about them. Also, if we’re going to partner and have the products on our site, I wanted to make sure they do what they promise.

If you didn’t watch my introduction video, you can watch it here. In it I describe what I do on a regular basis to stay healthy. From what I’ve been told, your daily routine does affect the success of this product. It’s not a magic wrap that zaps away all your fat (although you will think it is after you see your results) – it’s simply an added bonus to what you already do.

Ready for my results?

I’m a little nervous about showing my tummy but I took one for the team!

image (1)

You can read my official written review of the product and watch a video review below. Each aspect of the product was judged on a scale from 1-10 with 1 being the lowest score and 10 being the highest score.

I gave the cost an 8 because in the grand scheme of things, it may be an investment in the beginning but in the long run it doesn’t cost as much as it sounds. You can purchase one box of wraps (each box contains 4 wraps) for $99 plus S/H or for $59 plus S/H as and when you sign up as a loyal customer. Signing up as a loyal customer basically means that you will be automatically shipped products on a monthly basis. Not bad, right?

My products were delivered about three business days after I requested them. For that, I had to give it a 10.

Ease of Use
The instructions were pretty clear, even for my first time using them. I did wonder whether or not I had applied it correctly though. It would’ve been helpful if there was a photo tutorial in the box. (I managed to find one after the fact here.)

The product is infused with body contouring lotion. In my video, you’ll notice I began by saying that it smelled a little like cough syrup when you first take it out of the package. Over time though, I started to pick up on the Eucalyptus and the smell became soothing…almost like aromatherapy. It opened my nasal passage for sure! LOL I know some people probably won’t like that, but it didn’t bother me.

There’s no arguing that my results deserve a 10! I mean you can’t argue with a before and after photo. This is my tummy and in the second photo, you can see the very top of my tattoo. Immediately after taking the wrap off and as I rubbed the excess lotion on my stomach, my skin felt more firm and tight. I was a little discouraged after taking it off because I didn’t see dramatic results like some other people do but after I took the photo and then waited for the 72 hour period (the results are progressive), I was blown away.

Overall Experience
This category means the process of actually using the product and waiting for it to do its thing. While the product was working, I felt this amazing tingling sensation and after I got over my excitement I went on about my night. I actually applied the wrap before bed and let it stay on overnight. I used saran wrap on top of it to keep it in place and I also put my waist belt (you know the thing that makes your sweat when you’re working out) on top of it as well. I only did this to make sure it was tight and felt secure. The combination of all those things and trying to sleep was a little uncomfortable at times, but overall I had a pretty good experience.


If you want some help with your fitness efforts or need to squeeze in a dress, this is the perfect product for you! If you drink the right amount of water, follow the directions and continue your regular routine you should have similar if not better results. To purchase the product, click here. If you have any questions about the product or other products, email


*This review is sponsored by The Instant Beauty Pro. I am paid to review this product.

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