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Product Review: EYES by ToGoSpa Coconut Under Eye Treatment

A couple of months ago I received my first box from Bump Boxes and one of the products that immediately caught my eye was the under eye treatment (click here to read about everything else that was inside). I struggle with dark circles under my eyes and severe puffiness, most of which is genetics, and nothing seems to help reduce either issue.

ToGoSpa offers several variations of their under eye treatments, but the one I used was their Coconut EYES which they’ve coined as “The Tropical Staycation.”

I’m always a little skeptical of products like this and it could be because I expect immediate results. Then again, I understand that in order for something to be effective you have to use it more than once. I was excited that the package included three treatments instead of just one so I could test it out over time.

I decided to do my first round of testing on the day of my baby shower. I followed the recommendation of the packaging and placed the treatment in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes to allow it time to chill. I did enjoy that the treatments were extra cool and I would imagine that it makes a difference in how well the product works.

The first thing I noticed besides how chilly the product had gotten while waiting in the fridge was its rubbery and slippery texture. It made it a little difficult to apply but surprisingly, had no effect on how well the product stayed on my face. I thought it would slip off once I started moving, but it didn’t at all.

I left it on for about 25 minutes (their website recommends 20 minutes) while I got dressed for the shower. I didn’t notice any tingling or any special sensations – to be honest I actually forgot they were even on my face! Here’s what my skin looked like after removing them.

The treatment is paraben and dye-free and is infused with collagen, coconut extract and allantoin to help soothe and hydrate the area under your eyes. The dark circles and puffiness were still there so I guess you could say the product didn’t work on that end. However, my skin is noticeably much more hydrated. I’ll take that…hydration is key to skin and as I mentioned above, I realize it make take several rounds of the treatment for there to be a noticeable difference.

EYES by ToGoSpa retails for $12.50 for three treatments and is available on their website in Ice Water, Coconut, Green Tea, Pomegranate and Bamboo Charcoal.

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