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Product Review: EXTRASHADE Multi-Cultural Sunscreen (VIDEO)

I’m so excited to share the newest addition to my skincare product lineup!

Anthony over at EXTRASHADE sent me their Daily Defense Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion and I absolutely love it!

I’m sure I’m not the only person who forgets to use sunscreen as and when I’m outdoors and trying this product really showed me the importance of it. I’ve been sunburnt before and it is not fun, trust me…but using sunscreen isn’t all about avoiding sunburn. It’s really to protect us period. Contrary to popular belief, African-Americans and other ethnicities with rich dark complexions are at risk of developing skin cancer. (The EXTRASHADE skin care section has really good information and infographics about skin cancer in African-Americans if you want to learn more about it.) The problem is that not many (if any) sunscreen products on the market are formulated for our skin. That’s where EXTRASHADE comes in.

EXTRASHADE was created especially for dark skin tones and contains a high SPF factor to protect our skin from harmful UV rays and does a wonderful job of adding moisture to the skin. You can watch my video review of the product and read a detailed review below.


This post is sponsored by EXTRASHADE.

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