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Product Review: Black Radiance True Complexion Creme Contour Palette

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a makeup guru. I love beauty products and I love filming and sharing my routines but I still need practice in getting my makeup to look exactly how I want it to. I’m also very cost-conscious and cannot rationalize spending lots of money on makeup, therefore I’m a little limited in product selection.

Nevertheless, I needed some new products so I headed to my local Walgreens.

Contouring is something that as and when done right can transform your entire look and it’s a technique I really want to master since I don’t wear much makeup. My go-to is the “no makeup, makeup” look.

My face is very chiseled on its own because of my high cheekbones, but I noticed that on photos my face appears much rounder than it really is. I figured that it’s because I’m not contouring correctly or using the right product so I went looking for something new to try.

I’ve been using Ulta’s Contour Kit for years now but I’m not really happy with the highlight anymore and I’m kind of bored with it. My face also has become more dry than it was when I first started using the contour kit so I don’t want to pack powder on top of dry skin. My only other option became a cream version.

Someone I follow on Instagram shared that they use the Black Radiance True Complexion Creme Contour Palette and since it’s an inexpensive drugstore product, I rationalized trying it.

It’s listed as $7.99 online but I only paid $7.29 for it at Walgreens. I’m assuming this is a pretty popular product because the one I purchased was the only one left in the cream and the shade.

Unfortunately I did not like this product at all.

The creams were not very pigmented and you couldn’t even tell that they were on my face. I did like the illuminating cream but the others didn’t really work for me. I’m thinking that if the product was thicker and more pigmented, the application would be better. I am curious to try the powder version so I may pick it up if I see it in my shade anywhere.

Have you ever used this product? Share your thoughts about it in the comment section.


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  • Reply Jordan Starnes June 23, 2017 at 11:02 am

    TOTALLY AGREE! I have always preferred a powder contour kit, but like you, I saw the cream contour kit for a decent price so I bought it. Yuck! You can’t even see the colors on my skin and it feels like I’ve smothered some mix of Vaseline and thick sunscreen on my skin. I’ll stick to the powders.

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