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Product Review: Bella B Tummy Honey Butter (Stretch Mark Prevention Balm)

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link.

Even though stretch marks don’t have the same stigma about them that they used to have, that doesn’t mean that you necessarily want them on your body. As someone who has had stretch marks on my hips and arms since middle school, I’m familiar with how they look, feel and their way of making you a little more self-conscious in certain types of clothing.

My familiarity with them and my desire to want to wear crop tops during the summer really inspired me to take extra care to protect my tummy from getting any during my pregnancy.

During my second trimester I received a box from the Bump Boxes subscription service (read my review here) and included in it was the Bella B Tummy Honey Butter.

The product was formulated by a real mom who remained stretch mark free after birthing three children. I’ve read that stretch marks are genetic but hey, some people disagree. Anyway, the butter contains ingredients like aloe vera, shea and cocoa and is free of any artificial preservatives.

My experience with this product has been great and of the two stretch mark prevention products that I have, this one is my favorite.

What I like most about it is that it’s formulated like a balm. It gives the appearance of a petroleum product but it doesn’t contain any. However the butter has a consistency that is similar but slightly thinner to petroleum except without any greasiness.

It has a very light scent and my skin felt moisturized immediately and it stayed that way throughout the day whenever I would use this product.

I don’t know how many other people do this but I like to mix whatever scented lotion I’m wearing for the day with my skin care products and whenever I do that with this product, it doesn’t flake up. It mixes perfectly.

The Bella B Tummy Honey Butter retails for $14.99 and can be purchased here.

Visit the Bella B website here and follow them on Instagram @bellabnaturals.

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