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Countdown To Baby: Pregnancy Update (Weeks 19-22)

I’m back with another pregnancy update and stuff is starting to get real. *blank stare*

My body is transforming right before my eyes, I can feel my son moving all day and night and people are starting to call me “mama.”

I did a much better job with taking notes for this particular time frame and as and when I’m not feeling my best about things, I always go back to these posts and look at my milestones and best moments. So just as they are entertaining you and for some, helping…they’re helping me also.

So let’s get right to it!

Week 19

This was a very eventful week for me. I was able to host an event and get an extended view of my baby boy during my doctors visit. I invited my cousin to come along with me this time because she’s been so helpful and attentive throughout my pregnancy and I wanted her to be able to get a sneak peek of him.

The doctors visit went great, he was VERY active and has long legs like his daddy! During the ultrasound while the technician was trying to get his measurements, he was shaking his head and kept showing his little pee pee (Lord help me!). I caught him hiccuping and he even opened his mouth during one of the ultrasound photos. He had his little feet crossed and it was the most precious thing! My heart completely melted when I saw that, words can’t even describe how it feels. His heartbeat was 148 and the tech said his heart was beautifully formed and that was very, very good news to us.

Symptoms: Body super sore around the same time every evening, very hard to walk correctly at night – I have to wobble to ease the pain; cramps on my left side where his feet are and they were kind of concerning even though completely normal; suffering from forgetful pregnancy brain; I’ve been a crybaby still – I cry about everything; headaches have returned but are not as frequent. One great symptom is my thicker, longer hair. I should also note that many symptoms from the first trimester are still active like the visible veins, sore nipples and discharge, along with a few others.

Size of Baby: Zucchini and weighs as much as a grapefruit (he’s 11 ounces to be exact)

Cravings and/or Aversions: Still not having real aversions but I’ve been craving Steak Escape (got it!), potato soup, cheesecake (got it!) and chocolate/white-chocolate covered strawberries (got them!). It should be a crime for eating as many chocolate covered strawberries as I have this week. I’m almost embarrassed to say how many I’ve had.

Milestone: Hosted an event and I stayed in heels the whole duration of the show!

Best Moment: Seeing my baby boy and knowing he’s OK and growing as he should

Week 20

Sorry no photo for this week but – I’m officially halfway through my pregnancy! It is exciting and scary at the same time! Not only did I make it to the halfway point, I also turned 29 this week. I can’t say that I imagined my life at this exact age, I’ll just say that I had an idea of what I wanted it to be like at this age range and it looks nothing like the pictures I had in my head. I never thought I’d be pregnant during the last year of my twenties but I’m embracing it.

Symptoms: Unfortunately the morning sickness has returned and I was not expecting it at all. It’s the sick-to-my-stomach-but-can’t-throw-up-feeling that I had during weeks 8-10. I’ve also experienced shortness of breath, headaches, hot flashes and back pain. It’s becoming very difficult to sleep at night due to lots of tossing and turning.

Size of Baby: Small cantaloupe (length of a banana)

Cravings and/or Aversions: No real cravings or aversions but I’m ready to start back cooking on a regular basis. I saved a lot of recipes on Pinterest for inspiration.

Milestone: Celebrated my birthday and being halfway through my pregnancy

Best Moment: I felt his first kicks! I felt them the morning of November 11 and they were so noticeable, they woke me up out of my sleep.


Week 21

I had to work another event this particular week, but this time in Baton Rouge for a natural hair event. I had a great time and I stayed in my heels for most of the event, which is a major accomplishment because I was wearing the second highest pair of heels I own!

Symptoms: cramps from uterus stretching (he’s growing), constipated, bloated, areolas much darker than usual, acid reflux, hot flashes, morning sickness is back, my hair is noticeably longer and thicker

Size of Baby: Same size as a large carrot

Cravings and/or Aversions: I’ve been eating really bad this week. My diet included lots of junk food and sodas. I even drank a cup of coffee, which I’ve managed to avoid my entire pregnancy up until now.

Milestone: Publicly announced baby’s gender

Best Moment: Besides Daddy talking to my tummy and making jokes about how baby should treat me because of my attitude and behavior toward him, seeing my grandmother and aunt were the best moments of this week.

Week 22

This has been a really rough week for me physically, emotionally and mentally. I haven’t been sleeping well, I’ve been sick and I threw up for the first time during my entire pregnancy…but I think I ate bad food…I don’t think it had anything to do with the baby. However, it did make me thankful that I’ve been able to bypass that particular symptom.

Symptoms: Terrible, awful, dreadful back pain! Morning sickness still going strong, acid reflux, headaches

Size of Baby: Size of a small doll

Cravings and/or Aversions: N/A

Milestone: N/A

Best Moment: N/A

I guess I started slacking off toward the end of this update but at least the photos are better, right? Have you experienced any of these symptoms yet, I know there are dozens to choose from. If so, share your experience in the comment section below!

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