Preacher’s Wives & Kids: Should They Be Held to a Higher Standard?

Men of Christ have an obvious responsibility to keep their best foot forward and behaving in a manner that wouldn’t lead anyone astray, but what about the women in their lives?

Last week, Meagan Good celebrated her “last fling before the ring” Burlesque style while in Vegas. The soon to be pastor’s wife was in full costume – panties, fishnets, pole and all while performing with the Pussycat Dolls. In April, Meagan covered Fearless Magazine and during her interview, spoke a lot about how she is a new woman, careful about what she lets in her spirit, how celibacy changed her life and so on.

After photos from her bachelorette party hit the web, people immediately began criticizing her for everything that went on and as most celebs (and other folks) do – she took to Twitter to respond to everyone that had something to say:

“Let’s get something straight … I wasn’t half naked last night … I was actually very covered up,not showing anymore than I show as and when I dress up to go to events .,,and let’s get something else straight .. I’m a actress ., there will be many things narrow minded people deem unholy or not 1st lady like … But this is not so..it’s about your relationship with God and your personal convictions …if you see footage you will see I was covered up having fun dancing and enjoying my self with my friends and family and absolutely not doing a striptease …smh people are ridiculous .. Can’t a give enjoy her bachelorette party in peace?”

My opinion on the matter is that she’s right…your personal relationship with God is what matters more than anything, BUT I also believe that as a public figure who IS marrying a pastor, she does have certain responsibilities and a certain image and role she must now take on.

Most recently daughter of hip-hop legend Rev. Run, Vanessa Simmonsposed for her new lingerie line ‘Rose by Vanessa Jean.’ Some of the names of her pieces are, “Naughty Lil’ Princess” and “Rock Your bad wordy.” Her younger sister, Angela, is always in the news about her behavior but I rarely read anything about Vanessa. Anyway, I’m sure many people will have something to say about Vanessa’s lingerie line. For the record though, she is covered up pretty nicely in the photos she took for the line.

I don’t think that the wives and children of preachers should be held to a higher standard, BUT they should be mindful that people are going to judge them – whether it’s fair or not to do so.

What do you think?

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