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Prayer Boxes: Learning To “Let Go And Let God”

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I can’t remember how I first found out about prayer boxes…it had to be either on Instagram or Pinterest. After I did some digging to find out where the concept could’ve possibly originated, I found a blog article about a book called The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate.

Prayer boxes are a wonderful way to teach yourself how to trust God. Your box can include anything you’d like – prayers, scriptures, things you’re thankful for, things that are troubling you, etc. I’ve talked about some of the things I struggle with and my biggest struggles are that I worry a lot and I over-think EVERYTHING. One of my goals for the next year is to stop worrying so much and stop trying to control every single thing or situation I’m faced with. I want to master the art of “letting go and letting God.”

I decided to do this DIY craft to fulfill the requirement of Task 59 on my 100 in a Year list. Since I’m using a prayer box to help me learn to let go and have faith, I’m only going to put certain types of prayers in mine. You don’t have to do yours this way, this is just how I want to use it. I plan to put long-term prayers and prayers about things that worry me inside the box. For example, in my YouTube video, I mentioned my prayer to be accepted into the Mass Communication Ph.D program at Southern Miss for Media, Culture and Society and be able to enroll successfully without any financial aid or class availability issues and find somewhere to live. I put the prayer in the box the very same day I recorded the video (12/01/2014).

As the days passed, I was so tempted to open the box just to take a look at the prayer. Why? I have no clue, LOL! Every time someone would ask me about school, I’d tell them I was nervous but I wasn’t going to worry because I put my prayer in the box, gave it to God and whatever happened would happen. Either way, I was going to trust Him.

On 12/09/2014 I received my letter of admission into the program, I registered for classes on 12/11/2014 and my apartment lease was signed on 12/12/2014.

I’m so thankful. Seriously, I’m so thankful for everyone that God used to make His plan happen. Although it was in my heart to do these things, it was more important that my plan never overshadowed God’s, which is why letting it go was such a special and intimate moment. As a result, my faith has been strengthened and I feel better about letting God handle my battles and dreams for me while I just do what feels right along the way.

Watch my video about prayer boxes below and let me know if you plan to make one of your own!

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